Tesla objects to standard for power stations

Mexico City.- The Tesla company and the United States government objected to the rules that Mexico wants to implement for the installation of power stations throughout the country.

One of the main objections from Elon Musk’s company is that the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) intends that electric charging stations have the ability to operate at least two types of chargers, whereas in the US the process is governed by a single standard. There is a tendency to standardize. ,

“The requirement for a station to offer different types of chargers increases technical complexity, creates additional entry barriers, increases the cost of stations and is a disincentive for new entrants interested in offering vehicles in the country, so that They may not be able to make the necessary development and investment.” “Production, for the sake of regional integration, primarily impacts the consumer experience,” Tesla said. In Mexico, European and Asian electric cars also circulate that can be charged at electric stations that use different entrances than Tesla.

Musk’s company warned that it has invested more than a billion pesos to install 35 Tesla Supercharger fast charging stations in Mexico since 2015, as well as 1,600 Level 2 stations across the country.

Tesla vehicles use the NACS-J3400 format, which the US wants to normalize as the standard for electric cars in that country.

Several Tesla competitors have announced that they will adopt this standard before 2025.

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