A health worker dies at a private hospital after being kicked in the testicles by a patient and not receiving medical attention

A nurse is walking through a hospital corridor. (EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

A 57-year-old nursing supportive care technician died on February 15. A patient came up to him and kicked him in the testicles., causing him to fall to the ground and become temporarily unconscious. But he was never seen by a doctor and hours later, he died outside the hospital.

For this reason, the CCOO Sanidad Madrid has reported the Labor Inspection to the Religious Order of San Juan de Dios, which manages the private center Hospital Fundación Instituto San José, where the incidents occurred and this assistant worked. The union says aggression protocols were “not implemented” nor were preventive measures adopted.

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The incidents occurred on February 15, when Juan Alfonso RP, 57, a nursing assistant at the aforementioned centre, had gone to work for his afternoon shift. At 5:30 pm, while the health worker was doing his work, a patient came to him. The man held him by the shoulders and kicked him hard on his testicles from below.Due to which he fell and became unconscious.

Juan Alfonso was transferred to the same psychiatric hospital where he was admitted. assistance from a nurse, but not medical aid. They kept him in comfort for an hour and a half until 7:00 pm, but he was not treated by any medical professional at any time. After that time, the company provided him with a support report so that he could go to the mutual insurance company, but because of the time given, he could not go until the next day. Once outside the hospital facilities, the worker died.

San Jose Institute Foundation Hospital (Google Maps)

In the complaint, the union attributed the worker’s death to “absence of safety measures, and failure to implement strike protocols.” Furthermore, he claims that the company did not adopt appropriate preventive measures, And that none of the professionals at the center have adequate training to deal with such situations. “We understand that the root cause that contributes to the occurrence of accidents at work that result in death is the absence of safety measures and the non-enforcement of strike protocols,” explains Manuel Barroso, Occupational Health Secretary of CCEO Sanidad Madrid. . ,

“It is clear that the health center neither had adequate preventive measures in place nor did the staff have adequate and appropriate training to deal with this type of conflict,” he said.

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Furthermore, the union denounced “the potential existence of corporate responsibility” by noting that “there is a direct connection between injuries and the work environment.” “We have reported these serious incidents to the labor inspection and demand that all civil and criminal responsibilities for this new aggression be addressed.” resulting in death“, have added.

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