A horror film with Sidney Sweeney in the lead role in preview

“Horror Fridays” continue at Pathé Wilson. On March 15, 2024, Toulouse residents will be able to search Nirmal, directed by Michael Mohan. It is based on the character Cecilia from the horror film young american nun Played by Sydney Sweeney. The actress, whose career began with the series “Adolescence” ExcitementAlso makes headlines with romantic comedies everything except you and action movie madam web, Evidence of diversification of its roles.

Two movies, two universes

Sidney Sweeney once again stars in the lead role, portraying Cecilia. this is also a Second collaboration with Michael Mohanwho directed him in the thriller voyeurReleased in 2021. If during this first production together the rising star moved into a loft in Montreal, the atmosphere there would be completely different Nirmal,

Actually, Cecilia settles in a different convent, in the Italian countryside. “The welcome is warm, but Cecilia quickly realizes that her new home hides a terrible secret and terrible things are happening there…”, the synopsis immediately announces. Mysterious phenomena can be discovered in a dark room.

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