Venezuelan accused of raping and burning more than 20 dogs and cats alive

Alonso Herrera is at the Torralbo Huaral Police Station. Source: Exitosa Noticias – Credit: Rachana

A Venezuelan man named Alonso Herrera Torralbo is accused of sexually raping and burning more than 20 dogs and cats alive in Huaral. The remains were found in an open field. The foreigner has been detained at a provincial police station after the lifeless carcasses of the animals were found by the landowner.

By: El Popular

The incident occurred last Friday, when the owner found the dogs and cats tied up, burnt and mutilated. Similarly, condoms with blood were discovered. However, there is still no explanation for the blood found around the animal corpses. The foreigner confessed to the authorities to the brutal crime.

Venezuelan calmly confesses that he killed dogs and cats

According to Exitosa Noticias, Alonso Herrera confessed to Huaral police officers that he murdered twenty dogs and cats, and admitted that he had abandoned them in an open field. Similarly, the foreigner must have presented his case with complete calmness and coolness. Neighbors do not suspect that he will be the culprit.

On the other hand, Alonso Herrera would be arguing that he would be suffering from mental disorders to mitigate his guilt. A group of animal activists has reached outside Huaral Police Station to show their anger and distress. When the police were taking him away, they even tried to beat him to death.

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