A man travels to Cuba for a family emergency and gets a phone bill of nearly $3,000

A Cuban-American who used roaming service On an emergency trip to Cuba, he faced huge phone bills after visiting the island.

Isidro Abello I was shocked to receive a cell phone bill of nearly $3,000 after traveling to Cuba for a family emergency.

Despite hiring international roaming service With T-Mobile prior to his departure, he encountered severe connectivity problems on the island and had to use another cell phone to communicate with his family in the United States.

Upon returning, Isidro discovered that his account reflected huge charges for roaming and the international pass he had purchased, totaling more than $2,800.

Angered, he contacted T-Mobile to dispute the bill, and insisted on not accepting the $500 credit the phone company offered as an initial solution to the problem.

He did not receive a satisfactory response from the company, which continued collecting the invoices, until Isidro took the matter to the press, specifically telemundo 51 To ask for help.

Ultimately the person managed to adjust his account to his normal monthly rate, dismissing the exorbitant additional charges.

Determined not to face a similar situation in the future, Isidro decided to switch to another telephone operator. “Here, if one goes wrong, you look for the other,” he said, feeling relieved after the incident was resolved.

Isidro’s case shows the importance for travelers to be aware of the costs of international roaming and to always check the coverage they get while traveling. Also, remember the importance of requesting assistance and thoroughly documenting any disputes with service providers.

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