A man who tried to attack a mother and her son in Santiago de Cuba was arrested by neighbors

An alleged thief who tried to rob a mother and her young son as they were leaving “La Colonia” pediatric hospital in Santiago de Cuba was arrested by residents of that city, who barely managed to get the police to take action. And demanded justice for them. own. Traitor.

A video shared by independent journalist Yosmani Mayeta Labrada shows how a large number of people gathered outside a house, where the bandit was hiding, on 2nd Street, near Gasometro Avenue in the capital of Santiago.

“Although several police vehicles arrived at the scene, the angry mob did not allow them to take the man away, as they intended to beat him to death,” Mayeta Labrada said in her publication.

Furthermore, he said the police had to ask for reinforcements and “Black Beret commandos arrived at the scene with long weapons to be able to take out the attacker.”

The communicator said the alleged thief lives in the Chicharones neighborhood.

Cuba’s neighbors have united in protest against increasing robberies on the island’s streets.

Also in Santiago de Cuba, but in the Santa Barbara neighborhood, Neighbors arrest an alleged bicycle thiefwhom they managed to handcuff until the police arrived and proceeded to arrest him.

The events occurred around noon, when on Calle 13, Passage #1, the man was seen walking and entering a house where he allegedly tried to steal a bicycle.

it was the same in that city too An alleged attacker who, along with another man, tried to rob a woman who was withdrawing cash from an ATM was arrested,

In the municipality of Díaz de Octubre in Havana, A young man who was trying to steal a student’s cell phone was taken into custody by neighbors and passersby. of basic secondary education.

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