A mental health plan seeks to guarantee emotional well-being among young people in Castelló

“At the City Council we are working to promote a mental health plan with a special impact on young people that helps guarantee emotional, psychological and social well-being at all stages of life.” This is how it is expressed Mayor, Begona Carrasco, Which assures that work is being done by various government departments, social welfare, public health, family and childhood and now sports to solve such a sensitive and important problem.

The municipal government, through the sports department and various associations, has organized workshops on mental health on February 21 and 28 to help manage emotions to prevent problems. It is a program aimed at those responsible for the training of boys, girls and teenagers, coaches of the base teams of the city’s sports clubs, as well as their families.

“The problem of mental health concerns us and on behalf of the City Council we continue to implement awareness campaigns because we know that it is a problem that increasingly affects the very young,” said the mayor, Begoña Carrasco. Cast light on. “For this mental health plan we work together with the College of Psychology, with which we have already launched a series of campaigns regarding visibility and prevention in the month of October and now we are using sports to reach young people. We are continuing to work with other unions through this,” he said. adds up.

Municipal Corporation’s commitment

The first Mayor explains that “On behalf of the City Council we maintain a commitment to promote a mental health plan that helps to guarantee emotional, psychological and social well-being at all stages of life, although the greater impact on young people Puts it.”

Problems like depression, anxiety, addiction or eating disorders have become common today. Many young people do not receive psychological help to face this type of situation, which is why, as the mayor explains, “We cannot sit idle with such institutions, which is why we seek help through these municipal programs. “We’re going to work with professionals.” ,

The course entitled “Communication and Positive Conflict Management in Sports” will serve to provide adults with useful tools so that they can train and optimize their skills and thus be able to get the most out of their situation from the performance of children and adolescents. Be aware of the benefits of sports practice and ultimately become an example for young athletes. Motivation, self-esteem, cooperation or positive management of conflicts that may arise are some of the topics that will be addressed in this theoretical and practical course.


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