FlyDining opens: millionaire investment in Loiza Street to improve the gastronomic experience

FlyDining, the franchise’s new gastronomic concept that raises its eateries to a height of approximately 160 feet, opened this month on Loiza Street and from there visitors can enjoy fine dining while enjoying unparalleled views of Condado, Isla Verde and Santurce Are.

Scott Zuckerman, franchise owner in Puerto Rico, explained that this launch represents the brand’s arrival in the US market and requires an investment of approximately $1.1 million to achieve.

FlyDining is located behind the Bottega restaurant, which was acquired by Zuckerman last year.

The now-owner of locally based FlyDining said he came to the island seven years ago, attracted by tax incentives, and founded his online company in Puerto Rico. Zuckerman appears on the State Department’s registry of corporations as president of the business consulting company Govasist, LLC since 2018.

“Ever since I came here, I have loved this island and I wanted to invest in this island. “I opened a nightclub called ‘787’, which was my first local investment and from that project I decided to do another thing, which is flydining.”Zuckerman said in an interview with The Business.

Zuckerman’s idea to bring this concept to Puerto Rico came after a vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where he saw the same concept operating under the pioneering company Dinner in the Sky.

“I contacted both (brands) and FlyDining was the first to respond to me. Zuckerman said, “I’m still waiting for Dinner in the Sky to come back to me.”

Belgian franchise Dinner in the Sky, established in 2006, was interested in operating in Puerto Rico, prior to the arrival of FlyDining. In fact, Dinner in the Sky’s partners in India sued the owners of the FlyDining franchise in that country over the authenticity of the concept, as El Nuevo Día reported.

Six sessions a day for 24 people

Although they are still fine-tuning some operational details, The restaurant, which has a staff of 30 employees, has already started hiring 24 people for each of the six sessions offered during the day.

Staff at the quirky restaurant recommend that diners visit the restroom before climbing onto the platform, model Dragon-24. After this, the process of making way for the diners to sit and pick them up begins, which lasts for about a minute.

Currently, the restaurant has three fixed offers ranging from $85 for a 45-minute experience, which includes a plate of food and an open bar; Up to $165 for an hour at altitude, with four courses of food, champagne and an open bar, the latter at additional cost.

Food service is fast. In terms of the one-hour, four-course session, it started with salad, followed by pumpkin cream, a main course with two choices: brisket or pork, and ended with two dessert choices, cheesecake or tartar.

El Nuevo Día spoke to one of the diners who went unaccompanied and got the full experience of one hour, four courses and an open bar, which cost a total of $244.18, including tax and a $20 fee for cancellation. Insurance included.

They add brunch to the offer

In addition, the Foundation also added a proposal Brunch, which costs $125 for an hour in the air and three courses of food. They also posted a special offer for Valentine’s Day, where they are offering a one-hour, four-course romantic experience for $195.

On our part, the official spokesperson of FlyDining, Ricky Latimer assured that “the feedback (The response) has been excellent” and noted that prices are still subject to change.

“We are molded into a product that is already made and exists, but we are very attentive to feedback It comes to us from the public, that if there’s a way to fix it, we’ll fix it,” Latimer added.

The spokesperson admitted that they are still in the process of fine-tuning the details in the area where the crane is located, the waiting area and other details in addition to finding a solution for rain.

Venue administrators are expected to operate every day and include sessions for special events such as bachelor parties, birthdays, and live music, among other attractions.

“We have always been people who love entertainment and we realized that here in Puerto Rico there was an opportunity to have an attraction on this scale, it’s an experience that doesn’t happen every day, that you have brutal ideas. It’s unlike anything else you’ll find, where you can mix entertainment and cookingLatimer said.

According to the spokesperson, the restaurant expects to see a return on investment in the first eight months of operation, but it will not be until after its first anniversary that they will consider expanding to another municipality.

Effect of new public order code

Meanwhile, the owner of FlyDining in Puerto Rico revealed that in April last year he had decided to sell his first local investment, The “787” nightclub, also located on Loiza Street, possibly due to the consequences of the implementation of the new public order code.

Before the sale of the keys to the complex, Zuckerman, with more than 80 employees, had begun the processes for the implementation of flydining in Puerto Rico.

As of now, FlyDining company operates in several regions including India, Bangladesh and now in the Caribbean. Soon, they hope to bring this concept to 15 international destinations like Dubai, Sardinia, Georgia and Malta.

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