Apple has a solution to avoid the ban on sales of Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2

US Customs approved Apple’s proposed redesign for the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 models. (Bloomberg)

Manzana May have found an alternative solution to avoid the ban on selling your smart watches watch series 9 And extreme 2Devices that may continue to be marketed in the United States provided that they do not include the function of pulse oximetry,

This measure responds to the approval of the redesign United States Customs Agency Following an intense legal dispute between the technology company based cupertino And massimoA medical company had accused it of infringing two of its patents related to sensors designed to measure oxygen levels in the blood.

and will be based on the proposed redesign Disable device The new units that will come with the two models through a software update have started being shipped to stores. However, this will not affect the Apple Watches already being sold.

This change represents a setback in the functionality of these smart watches, as they will no longer be able to measure the oxygen saturation in users’ blood. (Manzana)

The news was announced by Massimo’s own lawyers in a letter published earlier Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Which states that the devices will be affected by the changes proposed by Apple outside the scope of restrictions determined by the US International Trade Commission (ITC),

However, the detailed decision has not yet been published due to company-driven privacy claims. Tim Cook,

The truth is that this story is not over yet, especially since Apple has achieved a temporary victory by resuming sales of these smart watches Through appeal of the original ITC decision.

And with this new decision the company was established Steve Jobs It now ensures that it can continue marketing these devices, although without the oximetry function.

However, a final decision on Apple’s appeal is possible Veto confirmation pending According to 9to5Mac, an opinion that may become known this week.

Apple has requested that the suspension of the sales ban be maintained pending its appeal of the original ITC decision. (EFE/Adam Davis)

massimoFor its part, it seems that it has been reduced to an observer position after the decision in favor of Apple united states customs,

Despite its initial position, which claimed that the hardware breach could not be resolved with a software fix, the medical firm now has some legal options.

And although you can submit a new application ITCmust prove that its patent continues to be infringed even after the amendments implemented by Apple.

A case can be registered within the next six months. (Bloomberg)

The company feels that 2024 is not going to be quiet in judicial matters.

At least this is what an investigation by the American newspaper The New York Times suggests, which warns US Department of Justice prepare a possible antitrust case against ManzanaWhich can be introduced in the first half of this year.

According to the newspaper, the investigation is taking its course. last stage and focuses on how established technology giants leverage their dominance in the development of hardware and software for mobile devices, wearables, and computers.

A magnifying glass will be on the business model of the agency responsible for enforcing the laws of the United States “walled garden”With which the company responsible for the development of the iPhone and iPad allegedly limits competition and consumers’ freedom of choice.

Part of the focus of the case are the recent clashes pager And tileCompanies that have had disputes with Apple over its restrictive policies.

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