A NASA radar found a reservoir of 600,000 million liters of water near the moon’s north pole.

A NASA radar found a reservoir of 600,000 million liters of water near the North Pole of the Moon (NASA)

NASA scientists he found snow accumulation near the north pole of moon with 600 million metric tons of water,

He NASA Mini-SARA lightweight synthetic aperture radar, found over 40 small craters Water with ice. The size of the crater lies between between 2 and 15 kilometers in diameter,

radar traveled on it Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft Of India.

Experts estimate that at least this may happen 600 million metric tons of water ice,

Mini-SAR captured images of several permanently shadowed regions at both poles of the Moon.

“These dark regions are extremely cold and it is estimated that they may contain large amounts of unstable material, including water ice. The main scientific objective of the Mini-SAR experiment is Map and describe the deposits that exist” NASA said in a statement.

“The picture emerging from the many measurements and resulting data from instruments on lunar missions indicates that the formation, migration, deposition and retention of water is occurring on the Moon,” he said. Paul SpudisPrincipal investigator of the Mini-SAR experiment on the Moon and the Houston Planetary Institute.

NASA’s Mini-SAR, a lightweight synthetic aperture radar, found more than 40 small craters containing water ice. The size of the crater is between 2 to 15 kilometers in diameter (NASA)

“New discoveries show that the Moon is a Scientific, exploration and operational destinations He added, “Even more interesting and fascinating than people first thought.”

“After analyzing the data, our scientific team determined a strong signal of water ice, A discovery that will give future missions a new target for further exploration and exploitation“, he indicated jason crewsonMini-RF Program Executive at NASA’s Space Operations Mission Directorate in Washington.

The Mini-SAR findings were published in the journal geophysical research paper,

According to a statement from the US government agency responsible for the civilian space program, “The results are consistent with recent findings from other NASA instruments and add to the growing scientific understanding of the many forms of water found on the Moon.”

“The agency’s Moon Mineralogy Mapper discovered water molecules in the moon’s polar regions, while NASA’s Lunar Crater Detection and Observation Satellite, or LCROSS, detected water vapor,” the statement concluded.

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