A photo of Kourtney Kardashian with breast pumps provokes reactions: “A real mom’s body”

A cliché that divides as much as it inspires. Linage kardashian She has no match when it comes to exposing her personal life and sparking debate. This time it’s not Kim Kardashian, but CourtneyThe eldest, who moderated the debate.

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Like many influencers, Kourtney Kardashian offered a photo dump detailed on his Instagram account on March 13. go with rocky, the child born from her union with musician Travis Barker, muscle cars, X-rays, stairs decorated with red roses, selfies… Courtney shared snapshots of her life. ,This is life”she wrote in the caption.

But this is especially a photo of her in a black bodysuit a breast pump On the right breast which caused the reaction. “I love the breast pump picture. Women deserve respect. Our bodies create and grow life and then nurture it… with the same body”, “I’d love to see breast pumps become normal”, “A real mom’s body”, appreciated by some Internet users. Others condemned this requirement to open everything to social networks. ,This is ridiculous”, One user summed it up. for memory, rockyKourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s son was born in November 2023.

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