A photographer used a 127-year-old camera to capture Manchester United’s historic win and the pictures went viral everywhere

Alejandro Garnacho celebrates after Manchester United’s 4-3 final win against Liverpool (Reuters/Molly Darlington)

the painful victory of Manchester United from this perspective liverpool up to 4-3 inches old Trafford Gave tickets to the semi-finals of fa cup Under a shower of glitter that captured every second of the celebration Amad Diallo Traoré That goal was scored at the end of extra time, but among so many images, some special photos emerged that showed behind the scenes of the celebration that went viral on social networks in a way rarely seen .

So accustomed to colorful images, fa cup Had an original idea on a postcard english derby Valid for quarter finals. picture taker Miles Myerscough-Harris In recent days stood out to take a series of images of the team aik From Sweden with an outfit that paid tribute to the club’s centenary. And when they used it, simple tasks became more complex camera KODAK Cartridge No. 4 manufactured in 1897, An initiative replicated in England.

,Today the world’s oldest football match was filmed with a 127-year-old camera… and it turns out it’s Manchester United vs. Liverpool at Old Trafford. To do it today for the FA Cup is a dream come true. wish me good luckMyerscough-Harris wrote the following after his positive experience in Swedish football.

This 19th century device captures in black and white various moments of what happened in Manchester, including celebrations. marcus rashford And dialo traore The two goals of the homeowner’s return as well as in a snapshot alejandro garnacho Within the filming done under the 35 mm film format, recognized as the famous negative. an account of Twitter) echoed these publications and chose them as their “favorites” which included worm, The message was retweeted by the creator of the photo.

Miles Myerscough-Harris starred in a keen moment cross that sent the Red Devils through to the FA Cup semi-finals.

Indeed, Miles Myerscough-Harris starred in a curious moment at the end of the duel theater of dreams Because he celebrated Manchester United’s 4-3 victory. On his social networks he commented that his celebration was to catch the finisher at the exact moment of his shot on goal: “When a Manchester United support photographer managed to shoot a last-minute winner against Liverpool at Old Trafford,

According to his biography, Myerscough-Harris He has over 10 years of experience in video and audio production, having worked with some of the biggest names in music around the world. His repertoire includes live sessions, music videos and multi-camera shoots, among other things, and he specializes in live music and sports as well as portrait and travel photography.

All this could not prevent him from watching very carefully when he tried to catch the AIK players last February and he had to ask his colleagues to step back because he had to be more than 12 meters away for all the players to enter. It was necessary to happen. frame. in conversation with espnDeclared: “They looked at it and said, Oh my God, what are you doing with this? It was really fun. But, really, everyone was very supportive. It was really good. All the other photographers were standing there and thought it was really cool,

Writer’s work in AIK

The camera, more than a century old, was purchased from an antique shop in Farnham, England. Although the object has no obvious origins, the man was surprised when his wife Catherine pulled it down from a shelf: “I saw that it was in beautiful condition and everything was working properly. So I thought, I have to get it, It is the oldest in its collection, composed of more than 15 specimens.

At that moment, he expressed surprise at the resonance of this basic idea, an idea that could be repeated in what had happened old Trafford: “I think the fact that we recreated the original type of team photo on a 100-year-old camera… generated a little more interest, but it’s been really amazing to see the reaction. I mean, it’s been great to see how far it’s spread.”

All the pictures and behind the scenes from Manchester United-Liverpool

Amad Diallo Traore’s shot has already missed his boot and headed into the net
Antony’s embrace with Diallo Traore
Photos taken by photographer
Black and white film of Manchester United’s victory
The camera is 127 years old
Publication of the photographer who left several postcards of the FA Cup quarter-final match
Garnacho, user’s “favorite”
Alejandro Garnacho in ball dispute
Another postcard shared by the FA Cup

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