Vitali is committed to the broader well-being of people with its health ecosystem

Vitaly continues his path in search of tools and services aimed at people’s health and well-being. On this occasion, the main protagonist of this paradigm shift is the new service of the company: the Vitali Health Ecosystem,

This immersion is in the health sector combines technology and wellness Providing a unique and personalized experience to our customers to anticipate emerging needs and risks.

What is Vitali Health Ecosystem?

It is a comprehensive and advanced network designed Support people and take care of them all the time. This innovative solution is composed of two main components: Vitaly Workbench, A web environment designed to simplify technical and documentary management related to prevention and occupational health areas of business, And this vitali appwho offers working people Unparalleled access to a wide range of services. Within the app you can enjoy unique and exclusive services such as consultations with health professionals at any time and from any location; Help from psychology experts; personalized audiovisual content adapted to the results of medical examinations; Access to reports, appointments or medical history; among others.


He Vitali Health Ecosystem It’s more than a collection of applications and locations, it’s a deep-rooted commitment excellence and innovation in health care Health And this welfare.

Available now Google Play and in the app Store

Health at your fingertips! More information here


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