A posthumous album with Cardi B?

Tupac: A posthumous album with Cardi B?

The American rapper should present with the late artist.

According to Katt Williams, something is cooking with the involvement of the top eight rappers.

Almost 28 years after his murder, Tupac The allure of the rap game continues. The American rapper became the victim of a shooting and died on September 13, 1996. For years, the unsolved murder of Tupac Mesmerizes the whole world. Everyone is wondering who could kill the rising star of American rap. In 2023, years later a suspect is finally arrested: Keefe D, And while the trial begins on June 3, we learn that a new posthumous album should see the light of day.

Currently in jail, Suge Knight One podcast is headed: “Collect Call”. While serving a 28-year sentence, former rap mogul talks to American artist kat williams On preparation for a possible album that would include never-released Tupac songs. “What are you doing with these unpublished Tupac…this shit turns me on”confesses Suge Knight, He then mentioned the XXL casting that the American comedian had sold him: “It’s amazing”,

kat williams Then mentions the presence of eight artists, “the best of the best”, “I heard cardi On the project, is it true?”overbid Suge Knight, “Absolutely. Absolutely”, then confirms his interlocutor. The former Death Row Records boss continues: “I always say she’s the female version of Tupac.”, kat williams Approves his words: “She will get along well with him. Everyone there is a part of him in some way or the other. So it will bring everyone together.” Although the project is only mentioned for the first time in this podcast, cardi b Nothing has been said and no additional information has been revealed. This will be then’s seventh posthumous album. Tupac,

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