A potentially dangerous asteroid will come close to Earth in October

An asteroid will be very close to Earth this year, so the risk of collision in October is certain.

possibilities of An asteroid impacts the Earth Something we prefer to ignore. Unfortunately, it is worth remembering risk exists, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (potFor its short form in English), considering the matter, made a list of possible conflicts during the year 2119, In 2024There’s an asteroid that will come dangerously close to our world 5th October,

Pursuit body, classified as potentially dangerous objectDiscovered and named 16 years ago 2007 ft3, Is more than 300 meters in diameter And, if it hits Earth, it may cause Explosion equivalent to 2.6 billion tons of TNT,

How likely is 2007 FT3 to impact Earth?

So far, asteroids Viewed only 14 timesthe factor that makes it “Missing Asteroid”, However, its approach to Earth is sufficient nasa sentinel systemis listed as potentially dangerous,

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Regarding the possibilities, thanks to the studies that have been done about it, the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies determined that 2007 FT3 has 89 possible impacts on our planetOne of them is next October 5th.

potBefore the panorama, ask for peace, He Earth’s moment of greatest dangerRegarding this asteroid, it was October 3, 2019. The second place in terms of risk corresponds to the upcoming date.

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Besides this, it is also worth saying that Objects potentially dangerous to Earth are not collision safe, According to potThere is no known threat of impact any time in the next hundred years.

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