A prosecutor investigating an attack by an armed group on a television channel in Ecuador has been murdered

Prosecutor César Suárez, who was in charge of cases related to drug trafficking, terrorism and organized crime, was shot dead while driving from the driver’s side window in a sector of northern Guayaquil this afternoon, the prosecutor’s office said. to be confirmed.

The state Attorney General, Diana Salazar, condemned the Public Ministry agent’s crime and said her agency would not stop its fight against organized crime groups.

They also called for guaranteeing the safety of prosecutors and authorizing judicial authorities to hold hearings electronically. Regarding the murder of Suárez, he said that investigations are being conducted at the scene to guarantee that the crime does not go unpunished.

Police, speaking to journalists, assured that they were deployed to find those responsible.

“Organized crime groups, criminals, terrorists will not stop our commitment to society; “We will continue to work with force,” Attorney General Diana Salazar said in a video broadcast on the social network account Justice in Ecuador.

Who was Prosecutor Cesar Suarez?

In the past, Prosecutor César Suárez led important investigations of corruption in hospitals and was also in charge of the Metastasis case, about an Ecuadorian drug lord who had infiltrated the state and was a favorite of judges, prosecutors, police officers and higher authorities. Had received treatment.

One of the procedures handled by the Prosecutor concerns hospital corruption involving Daniel Salcedo, who had been detained in Panama the day before and for whom the President of the National Court had initiated procedures for his extradition request.

Salcedo is also mentioned in the chats of drug trafficking leader Leandro Noreiro.

Attack on TV station, an unprecedented attack in Ecuador

The attack took place on January 9 at the TC Television studios in Guayaquil, Ecuador. As their afternoon newscast was underway, masked gunmen stormed the set and made threats and intimidation for at least 15 minutes, which was broadcast live.

First, a man with a gun appeared in the middle of the live television broadcast, followed by a second man armed with a firearm, then a third with even more. Network employees were taken to the set and ordered to lie down on the floor. Screams were heard after the gunshots.

One of the attackers was heard saying, “We’re on the air so they know you can’t play with the mafia.”

Several masked people can be seen pointing towards the news staff. Someone said “Don’t shoot!” And after about 15 minutes the transmission was cut.

The unprecedented attack on a television station in Ecuador came just hours after a series of attacks, the kidnapping of police officers and the reported escape from jail of the leaders of two of the country’s most powerful gangs.

With tanks and helicopters: this was the military mega-operation to recapture Ecuador’s prisons

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