Pineapple cutting machine, novelty from Walmart

  • Walmart and Bodega Orrera were the most popular supermarket chains on Twitter in 2022.

  • Walmart is the best-positioned supermarket chain in the region.

  • The number of employees in the supermarket and convenience store industry in Mexico was more than 722 thousand in 2021.

In a recent discovery, a consumer tried an attractive novelty on his trip walmart, This is a pineapple cutting machine that promises to revolutionize the way we enjoy this delicious tropical fruit. The machine allows you to have a whole pineapple and, in just a few seconds, have the fruit completely peeled and cut and ready to enjoy.

Under that scoop, one of Supermarket most famous in the country wal-mart Which is one of the largest and most influential warehouse chains in the world, as it has approximately 11 thousand stores divided into 65 brands spread across 28 countries. Additionally, the company also owns and operates Sam’s Club. Walmart generally has a steady flow of income, even during the COVID-19 pandemic Sales remained consistent While some companies were in trouble, this supermarket was the company that generated the most income worldwide during 2020 Entered. It is clear that maintaining control over the facilities of such a large company requires organization and successful coordination, so it is not surprising that this company has the largest number of employees in the world, only in the United States. ., the company employed approximately 1.6 million employees. It should be noted that in 2020, there was a remarkable increase, as it managed to increase its turnover with 1.9 percent more than the previous year, thus exceeding 500 billion dollars in revenue, in addition, by 400 More also got employment. New employees, mostly on temporary contracts.

Despite competition in the convenience store market MexicoBodega Aurera has managed to maintain a strong position, and it was the highest-valued retail brand in the country last year, at $3,457 million, according to a report. ranking Published in 2022, Oxxo occupied the second position with a value of approximately $1.47 billion, which is less than half of the brand value of Mama Lucha Store and this fact comes from far behind as it was the most valuable retail brand in 2020. Was. Latin America with a brand value of $5.42 billion.

Pineapple cutting machine, novelty from Walmart

Via TikTok, an account called @CoolRecipes took a look at the innovative device that not only provides convenience to consumers, but also highlights the importance of simple strategies to attract customers. The idea of ​​simplifying everyday tasks like peeling and cutting fruit particularly resonates in a society where efficiency and convenience are increasingly valued.

Walmart’s pineapple cutting machine reflects a growing trend of retail companies toward integrating practical solutions for their customers. Simplifying everyday activities not only saves time, but also improves the shopping experience, leading to more satisfied and loyal customers.

In view of this, comments have emerged:

@rm: “The idea is good but you get contaminated with plastic cups.”

@miglopari: “Do they charge you to cut a pineapple? “I hope it includes pineapple.”

@Seattlelli Company: ““I’m going tomorrow, I don’t have a knife to do it myself and I like pineapple.”

@coolrecipes #pineapplecutter #waltmart ♬ Vincent – Sohyang

In a fast-paced world, where people are constantly looking for ways to make their daily tasks more efficient, this innovation from Walmart is a successful example of how consumer-centric strategies can make a difference.

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