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unusual! They stock grain at Walmart in Hialeah

It is rare to see product hoarding in the United States, however, this incident occurred at a supermarket Hialeah, Cereal packets were purchased on a large scale in supermarkets wal-mart In this area, which caused great surprise among the customers. Six carts were fully loaded with boxes of this product ... Read more

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Pineapple cutting machine, novelty from Walmart

Walmart and Bodega Orrera were the most popular supermarket chains on Twitter in 2022. Walmart is the best-positioned supermarket chain in the region. The number of employees in the supermarket and convenience store industry in Mexico was more than 722 thousand in 2021. In a recent discovery, a consumer tried ... Read more

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Costco, Target and Walmart have recalled nearly 5 million blenders due to unsafe blades and risk of burns.

California-based BlendJet Inc. announced the recall of approximately 4.8 million of its “BlendJet 2” portable blenders. Sold primarily in Costco, Target, and Walmart chain stores, these have been linked to cases of blades breaking and overheating. As advertised, BlendJet 2 portable blenders may overheat or catch fire, and their blender ... Read more

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