Walmart auctions the MacBook Air M1, a laptop perfect for work or study

Technology has reached amazing levels and that is why today it is almost impossible to survive without a cell phone or mobile phone. laptop As well as being able to take it to school or work to the office to read, files and information are always easily accessible. Although there are many reasons to have this device, the truth is that the prices can sometimes prevent us from purchasing them and that is when we have to take advantage of the benefits. offer,

Although for many people the weather sales They are only experienced at specific times of the year, the truth is that they are always present, but the trick is to know how to find them. That’s why to save your work today we share with you a super offer with which online store wal-mart surprised customers and technology lovers, as it put almost aFor MacBook Air M1,

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Its silver color is perfect for showing beauty. (Photo: Pexels)

How much does the M1 MacBook Air cost?

If you need to upgrade your computer to a laptop that you can take everywhere, that works fast, has the best resolution and does not get stuck with different programs or when you have multiple browsers With tabs open, you should definitely give it a try. MacBook Air M1, And apart from all the previous benefits, this will also prove to be an investment which will not affect your pocket.

Well, from the website of wal-martThis device is located Discountthat will allow you Save up to 11 thousand pesos That they don’t hurt anyone on the flat slopes of January. So pay attention and add it to your cart to enjoy it to the fullest, although if you want to know more details about this laptop, we will tell you more here.

Take advantage of this super discount! (Photo: Walmart)

The devices which have been reduced from Rs 25 thousand 999 14 thousand 99 pesos This MacBook Air is Apple MGN93LA/A M1 8GB RAM 256GB SSD, which makes it ideal for comfortable transportation without being too big or small due to its 13-inch size. But this is not the only thing worth highlighting, because it has the following characteristics:

  • Lithium ion battery with 18 hour duration
  • Bluetooth
  • silver color
  • Ports 4 USB, 2 Thunderbolt, 1 3.5mm jack
  • Chip A M1 processor, octa-core
  • resolution 2560 x 1600
  • weight 2 kg
  • Camera 0.92 MP

Now that you know all the features of this device, do you dare to buy it? Do not forget that in addition to all these advantages that will make studying or working enjoyable, it will also represent more than an expense, savings and investment in the future. as they are 11 thousand pesos which you can avoid limited time offer,

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