Doctors show what they look like before and after their shifts: Their videos go viral on TikTok Entertainment Pop Culture

Through video, medical students and doctors show how long and intense their workdays can be.

These clips, which spread across social networks, are so popular that they have started a trend that shows doctors before and after their jobs, while also helping to spark intense debate about their working conditions. Is.

Doctors show what they look like before and after being on-call: Viral video

More recently, this OrMedical students and doctors have decided to show the reality of how difficult their job can be.

With the “before and after shift” trend, they reflect how they see the beginning and end of their work day.

The long work shifts of some doctors in hospitals are called medical shifts. This is a common practice, especially among medical students, called residents, who must spend at least 24 to 36 hours in the hospital.

During these shifts, doctors have to take care of patients in addition to academic and health care activities, so their rest is minimal.

Patient Service Network explains that medical practitioners are called residents because, years ago, they were asked to stay in hospitals to be ready to deal with any emergency.

According to the Patient Service Network, in the United States, medical students may not work more than 80 hours a week, their days may not exceed 24 hours, nor may they be on-call more often than every three days. . However, this may vary and have exceptions depending on the characteristic being studied.

However, in Mexico, the law does not establish the maximum number of hours residents can work in a hospital.

Evidence of how tired guards can be is their tired faces, tired gestures or voices and even the fact that they can fall asleep practically anywhere, as in the video published on social networks Has been recorded.

Internet users react to video before and after doctor’s shift

The trend of showing the beginning and end of Doctor’s Day helped to start a whole discussion on social networks about the working conditions of students and workers in the health sector.

On the one hand, many Internet users appreciated his dedication, while others condemned being forced to work like this:

“Praise and satisfaction for doctors”, “Labor exploitation is also seen this way”, “Wouldn’t it be risky for patients if doctors are tired after such a long day?”, “It’s unbelievable how hard “They work for as little as they earn”, “It irritates me so much that they have to work so much when they manage something so important, I hope they can improve their situation “, “Why romanticize the fact that they are brought up as slaves?”, “Business does not justify extreme exploitation” or “They failed to say that they do not eat or go to the bathroom , they sleep on the floor, they face rudeness from resident doctors,” were some of the messages in that sense.

Other doctors were present in the comments remembering their marathon days:

“A guard looks like your life is over in a matter of hours, but a coffee saves you,” “I was on emergency guard for 96 hours. Had 48 punishments, one from my chief resident Gift”, “Memories of Vietnam”, “The longest I have been on guard duty is 40 hours”, “The longest I have been on guard duty is 26 hours”, “I come on Saturday at 3 pm and Leave on Monday at 9 am.”

How do you think the before and after video of the medical guard changed your perspective on doctors?

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