There’s a new age of Artificial Intelligence: this is the version of generating images, subtitles and more

Multimodal artificial intelligence surpasses current chatbots in capabilities and applications. (pictorial image infobae)

a new type artificial intelligenceBeing able to process much more advanced has started gaining popularity due to its ability to get better results and applications different types of data Also, as is the case with text, images, audio or even sensors that are incorporated into devices such as cell phones.

It can also be said that this renewed AI significantly expands its field of application in the field of daily use by consumers as well as in industrial development. machine learning,

This advance is named multimodal artificial intelligenceA term that literally refers to the use of multiple modes and in this context means the use of different input sources such as audio to produce a result that may be an image.

In fact, its application on a day-to-day basis is becoming more noticeable with the great improvements that are currently incorporated in virtual assistant And mobile devices, from where this new technology collects data from cameras, microphones and various sensors; With the aim of providing more accurate answers thanks to the additional context provided by the multitude of data collected.

While the joint presence of the functions of Geolocation And connectivity further enhances this contextual advantage.

This progression leads to more complex and precise interpretations and responses. (pictorial image infobae)

Another practical possibility of this type of artificial intelligence is that it allows image creation From text and listening instructions.

For example, there are models that are capable of producing sub headline For video based not only on audio, but visual context, better synchronizing text with on-screen action.

Meanwhile, the prospects in the industry remain broad, allowing forecasting equipment maintenance Through the analysis of data such as temperature, sound and visual appearance, in combination with basic parameters of age and durability of the component in question.

Multimodal Artificial Intelligence emerges as a revolution that integrates text, image, audio and sensory data. (pictorial image infobae)

To understand what is multimodal artificial intelligence, first of all it is necessary to understand that they are an evolution of AI models classified as unimodel. An example is popular chatbots Which got big success in 2023 and it is text-based.

is the most famous of all chatgptA development that means a revolution, but will be just the tip of the iceberg of all the possibilities of AI,

In fact, statistics are just as relevant Sam AltmanThe CEO of Open IA, the company that created this model, already believes that “existing AI systems will be foolproof at best.” Warning that the biggest advances are still to come.

As is the case with multimodal artificial intelligence, which There is a significant improvement in communication and training Of these models, because it can combine textual descriptions with audio files to generate representative images, or use image and audio data sets to associate sounds with specific scenes.

Furthermore, this type of technology is able to prioritize various input mode To deliver results as per anticipated requirements.

Companies like OpenAI and Google have introduced models like GPT-4 and Gemini that are now available to developers and the general public. (pictorial image infobae)

google gemini And GPT-4 by OpenAI (or GPT-4V, with V representing vision) are symbolic examples of multimodal AI models.

Both tools are already available to developers and the public, and in the case of the model developed by the Sam Altman-led company, it’s available through Bing Chat for users who want to upload images and combined text and image queries. Want to experiment with. Additionally, it is a free tool for customers of chatgpt plus,

About this Gemini, It should be noted that requires skills in Python As for its configuration, although it promises a diverse experience by being trained in audio, images, videos, codes and texts in multiple languages.

There are other models like Runway Gen-2which creates a video from a text prompt, and meta imagebindWhich combines text, images and audio with additional data such as heat and depth maps.

and with the continued development of artificial intelligenceOther major companies like Manzana, Meta, Microsoft and SAMSUNG They want to incorporate these developments into the devices they manufacture and the everyday services they provide.

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