Amazon secures partnership in MLB 2024

2024 season of major League Baseball The curtain is about to rise and many aspects around it are being improved. In a tournament with the effect that mlbThe television broadcast becomes as important as the players on the field.

In the previous campaign, many teams had problems with income from the broadcast of their games, as television stations canceled their contracts. All this, because he had declared bankruptcy and therefore could not take charge of fulfilling various commitments.

Amazon Prime Video will stream MLB games

It should be noted that the declaration of bankruptcy Diamond Sports Groupowning to bali game (Where the games were viewed) Many teams made adjustments regarding their finances. The company canceled its contracts in the 2023 season San Diego Padres And Arizona DiamondbacksAlthough mlb Go ahead and take charge of your broadcast.

With this agreement between the sports network and Amazon In the United States, it is most likely that organizations that had contracts will be able to re-enter the market. income received by teams mlb They have a significant weight in their economy because of their television broadcasts. So it’s not crazy to think that thanks to this we’ll see teams engage in more activity when it comes to signing players.

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