A VR mat from Disney fixes virtual reality’s biggest problem

What you need to know:

Disney introduced a technology called Holotile that promises to be a VR mat that will solve the biggest problem with virtual reality: Now will we be able to move?

One of the biggest problems of technology virtual reality one of two we are Is lack of movement, Even if the audience is incredible or the graphics are hyper-realistic, you’re still on the edge of your seat; How? “Some” You needed this, right?

We’ve tracked all kinds of gadget fans platform, harness one of two technological advances That could fix that problem… and few were as exciting vr mat which has just been presented disney,

The Disney VR mat that blew us away looks like this up close // Photo: Screenshot

is called Holotile at first sight – We only found out through a short video presentation by the company- This appears to be a smart mat This will bring us up to speed in VR technology.

Check out the Holotile VR mat at Disney that blew our minds

He vr holotile was presented by disney in a video from youtube in which they celebrate the race lanny smoot -One of its most recognized Imagineers, with over 100 patents to his name and the only member of the company’s Inventors Hall of Fame.

The joke is that this vr mat This is one of his most recent inventions and he did a little demonstration that left everyone in awe.

The Disney VR mat that blew us away looks like this up close // Photo: Screenshot

From what can be seen in the Disney video vr mat It is made up of hundreds of tiny sensors —the size of a tile— settled on the surface. Each of them works as a “free” treadmill in all directions.,

When activated, they allow you to move without leaving Never from the surface. Better watch the video:

“I can walk wherever I want on this omnidirectional land,” Disney engineer Smoot notes while presenting his VR mat. “It does everything automatically so I don’t leave the mat. “The amazing thing is that so many people can use it at the same time while moving freely.”

This little presentation took the internet by storm and has gone super viral in recent days, but there are still a lot of questions.

like media techcrunch They doubt you can run or jump on this VR mat presented by Disney —Smoot is walking very carefully—, While others, including us, We doubt that this is technology that can reach our homes.,

Demo of the VR mat called Holotile presented by Disney

In the meantime, could this VR mat called Holotile be the new attraction at your parks?

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