According to Artificial Intelligence, this is the highest paying job in the world in 2024

TyC sports portal asks Google’s chatbot Gemini to identify businesses better paid of the world by the year 2024.

It turns out that the person at the top of the list is a neurosurgeon. The income of these professionals in the United States can exceed $500,000 per year.

Gemini also announced other jobs which pay well. These include various fields ranging from medical field to technology, finance and other fields.

Below, we share other jobs:

1. Medical Field:


This profession also tops the list of best paid, with annual salaries ranging between $70,000 and $90,000 euros.

general practitioner

Doctors, especially those who specialize in fields such as cardiology, oncology or dermatology, also enjoy high salaries.

2. Technology Sector:

software Engineer

With increasing demand, these professionals earn competitive salaries, especially in areas like artificial intelligence, blockchain development, and cybersecurity.

Application Developer

In both mobile and web applications, these developers are in high demand and can be earn enough incomeEspecially in large projects or successful enterprises.

cyber security specialist

Given the increase in cyber threats, the demand for these experts with extremely attractive salaries is increasing.

3. Financial Sector:


These professionals have the potential to earn large commissions, especially at major investment firms or banks.

financial Analyst

With a primary role in analyzing markets, companies, and investments, these analysts enjoy high incomes.

investment manager

Responsible for managing investment portfolios, these managers can earn high salaries as well as performance fees.

4. Other High Paying Jobs:

Managing Director

The top executive position in a company is also associated with the highest salary, which can exceed one million euros annually in large companies.


In specialties such as corporate law, intellectual property or tax, these professionals have significant income.


With experience and a good portfolio, architects can earn adequate salaryEspecially in big projects.

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