According to Harvard, this is the exercise that improves memory and helps the growth of new blood vessels in the brain: Angelina Jolie and Madonna practice it. People Entertainment

Actresses like Angelina Jolie and Madonna are among some of the famous people who practice exercises involving martial arts to get some health benefits. It’s about Tai Chi.

According to the description made by the Lifestyle section of Telemundo, this activity is characterized by “its soft and harmonious movements”, executed in a controlled way, which is effective in reducing stress at first.

From Telemundo they cite the Telegraph website where celebrities who practice Tai Chi include Uma Thurman and Richard Gere who have remained in shape thanks to this practice.

What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

In the case of Madonna, tai chi allows her greater flexibility when exercising her body and actress Angelina Jolie has used it to prepare for some of her performances on the big screen.

Harvard study says tai chi improves memory

According to data obtained from research, this type of “meditation in motion”, which originated in ancient China, not only affects stress reduction but also strengthens memory, thinking skills and takes care of mental health. Harvard University,

A study cited by Argentina’s Clarin states that the practice of tai chi stimulates certain substances that affect the growth of blood vessels in the brain and the general health of new cells in the head.

The Harvard study certainly suggests that practicing any aerobic exercise can have the same benefits as walking.

However, research published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found a mechanism for tai chi to improve cognitive function in older adults, making it ideal for people in this age group.

Tai chi requires learning and remembering new skills and movement patterns, which is why it is so helpful to people and cognitive processes like attention, problem solving, planning, and verbal reasoning. (And)

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