According to Idealista experts, these are the best bank deposits with a profitability of 4%

looking forward to the year 2024 Important changes are expected regarding the appointment of Bank deposits, Thus, Idealista experts present a list of some of best bank deposits of the market, together 4% return,

A Bank deposit is a savings product that offers significant advantages For users. Specifically, the user lends a certain amount of money to the bank and after the agreed time, the bank receives the amount lent. banking unit Also the interest agreed between the parties.

However, health professionals are expected to take the changes into account idealist clarify that it is still possible to find Bank deposits in the market with 4% APR return (Annual Equivalent Rate).

According to Idealista, better deposits

currently, since idealist He explains that “Experts say the best strategy is to ensure the longest tenure of 12 or 24 months, because interest rates are not going to rise anymore.”

This is one of the most relevant changes regarding the year 2024. Thus, amid price inflation, experts recommended contract bank deposit With short deadlines.

Despite all this it is difficult to achieve Better profitability of bank deposits In Spanish institutions. This has been reported by professionals idealist,

In this regard, they comment that “the decision to invest money in the most profitable products in the market lies in bets on foreign banksWhose deposits are protected by the guarantee funds of their respective countries of origin.

Best Deposit in the Market

these bank deposits foreign bank They can be contracted online and securely through the European platform Raisin,

Best Bank Deposit IdealistaBest Bank Deposit Idealista
Better bank deposits. / Adobe Stock License

idealistic expert offer something Best tank on the marketDepending on the tenure of the deposit in question.

with six month periodFrom Idealista they highlight a Bank deposit From Italian Banking Unit ‘System Banking’, one who offers 4.30% aprWith a maximum remuneration of 100,000 euros.

Other banks that offer interesting profitability period less than 12 months are the following:

  • big bankWith 4.25% APR.
  • BAI EuropeWith 4.20% APR.
  • Project BankingWith 4% APR.
  • BFE, with 4.06%. This bank offers three months bank deposits.

in the subject 12 month depositFrom idealist He explains that “In the STAR term, Banca Sistema doubles the 4.30% it pays over six months. Assuming the same profitability, this period of one year is more interesting because it allows increasing the time in which profitability is achieved, which, today, is at best deposit in spain, Furthermore, in both cases BAI Europe pays 4.2% and Haitong and Banca Progetto 4.10%.

24 month terms

We should also take into account some of Best Bank Deposit in the Market with 24 month terms (two years). This is the longest period for which a savings product with these characteristics can be contracted.

One of the best options among everything the market has to offer 24 month bank deposit Is ‘Haitong’with 4.22% April.

as a general rule, Bank deposits With such a long period, they are generally not so attractive. Saver. However, they may be a suitable option for those seeking attractive remuneration for several months. In the same sense there also appears to be ‘Progeto’ Bankwith 4.12%,

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