According to science, these are the 5 activities that make us happier

Happiness is a universal state (illustrative image infobay)

There is no doubt that happiness is the state of satisfaction that man most seeks; However, this often seems to be the hardest to achieve, especially when it comes to making it more permanent.

However, various institutions and universities have conducted studies in an attempt to understand the causes and factors that enhance and promote happiness. As a result, certain activities have been identified that more effectively increase the production of happiness hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.

According to various scientific studies on the subject, the following are the activities that generate the greatest state of well-being:

According to research from the University of Tsukuba, just three minutes of dancing at moderate to low intensity can increase happiness levels and help improve intellectual ability. This happens because dancing promotes positive emotions, It acts as a relaxation method, reduces stress and reduces the risk of suffering from depression.

Dancing for a few minutes releases hormones of happiness. (pictorial image infobae)

Although it may seem like a very everyday activity and it is a simple display of affection, the truth is that hugs have great power and impact on our personal well-being because hugging someone releases hormones associated with happiness. The level increases. In addition to helping reduce cortisol productionThus contributing to reducing daily stress.

This has come to light in a study by the University of California People who get more hugs during the day have a lower cortisol response in the morningIt shows that people who start their day with a hug Decreased cortisol levels.

On the other hand, research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has shown that hugging after a personal dispute This helps reduce adverse emotions and the feeling of distance from the other person.

Hugging reduces cortisol production Illustrative Image Infobae

Although the mental health benefits and sense of happiness that come from doing any type of exercise have been widely documented, various studies have shown that these These increase further when physical activity is done outside.

Research has found that this is due to several factors such as exposure to sunlight increases the levels of Vitamin D, the possibility of breathing oxygen which facilitates the nutrition of cells,

On the other hand, apparently, these changes of scenery and the stimulation of nature have benefits for the brain, and open spaces can help reduce anxiety levels. On the other hand, when exercising outside, something like biophilia effect Where it refers to man’s connection with nature, which provides greater peace to the body.

Outdoor exercise increases feelings of well-being (illustrative image infobay)

Although this activity is not generally associated with producing happiness, the truth is that various studies have shown that People who experience a more stable sense of happiness And in permanent it is the same do things like this on a regular basis.

This is something that does not surprise experts because it has been shown do charity work They increase our optimism, improve our self-confidence, reduce negative emotions and sensations and reduce stress, as research from the University of Zaragoza indicates.

According to the study, this is because doing work for others increases our state of empathy, kindness, understanding and solidarity, which generates a state of well-being. also for its part increases feelings of gratitude Because it teaches us to appreciate what we have

Altruistic acts increase feelings of gratitude (pictorial image infobay)

The purpose of meditation practice is to promote mindfulness and the ability to remain focused on the present. It is used as a tool for dissociation and releasing previous conditioning.

One such investigation revealed JAMA Internal Medicine shows that meditation practice has beneficial results, such as Reduction in blood pressure, stress and anxiety, In addition to contributing to the improvement of the psychological state and raising the quality of life in general.

Meditation modifies brain states associated with the feeling of happiness (illustrative image infobay)

So now you know, incorporate these activities into your life to increase your state of well-being and happiness.

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