Activate the hormone of happiness: simple habits that will change your mood every day

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  • You have to adopt these 5 habits to activate the hormone of happiness
  • Health and Wellness: How does serotonin affect our health?

Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) Defines happiness as “a positive emotional state that is driven by emotions” welfare, Satisfaction And Happy,

Similarly, happiness is a state that results from interaction of multiple psychological components that interact with each other, such as “feelings of happiness, beliefs about the meaning of life, and social connections,” according to Institute of Applied Neurosciences (INA) Of Per,

Medical research has shown that you need to take a minimum number of steps per day to stay healthy.

A scientific investigation tries to find out why many children don’t like to eat vegetables.

You know How to activate the hormone of happiness?, Keep reading and learn how to do this to change your mood.

You have to adopt these 5 habits to activate the hormone of happiness

According to a study by National Library of Medicine Of usahormones which improves He state of mind Is serotonin,

Similarly, another study published Journal of Psychiatry and NeuroscienceTopic “How to increase serotonin in human brain? without medicine”explain what We need to activate this hormone expose yourself to sunlight, to do Physical exercise one of two concentrate.

A medical study found that one type of milk would slow down cognitive decline after age 65.

Medical research revealed how many bacteria are in clean underwear and how to eliminate them

Next we show you this simple 5 habits Compiled in an article published by magazine National Geographic This will help you change your mood:

  • Recognize your feelings: It is important to manage your emotions can Identify and label them appropriately. This process allows understand emotional state, accept them And, if necessary, Take action Suitable.
  • Take care of your social relationships: Experts emphasize that Feeling loved and supported is one important aspects of happiness,

    According to an investigation conducted by Harvard UniversityPeople who maintain better relationships with their friends and family experience greater sense of well-beingTheir life expectancy is long and their health is good.

    Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” is released during physical contact, such as a hug. (Source: Pexels).
  • Practice Exercise: do physical activities or sports Contributes to mental health, improves mood And releases endorphins Which creates a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.
  • Give and receive hugs: it produces feelings of satisfaction and produces oxytocinA hormone associated with happiness.
  • Talk to yourself positively and in the second person: Internal dialogue influences how we feel and how we behave. University of Michigan He says it’s important to use the second person when we talk to ourselves, because we can more easily say positive phrases and get a more optimistic outlook.

Health and Wellness: How does serotonin affect our health?

Most scientific research sheds light on Relationship between serotonin and emotional state Related to satisfaction, happiness and optimism.

serotonin occurs mainly in Central nervous system And acts as an innate mood regulator.

it neurotransmitter plays an important role in suppression of negative emotions Such as anger, aggression, insomnia and loss of appetite and promotes peace and emotional stability.

These hormones can contribute to happiness by creating feelings of well-being, happiness, satisfaction, and connection. (Source: Pexels).

When serotonin levels are in balance, you experience feeling of well being, Calmness And concentrationis contributing to a overall positive emotional state,

it hormones neurotransmitter one plays Fundamental role in sleep regulation, hunger And digestionEssential aspects of maintaining bone health, promoting wound healing, and reducing the incidence of Depression And this Worry,


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