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What do you think about before embarking on a trip to a place you don’t know? Surely you take out your cell phone and search on your GPS navigator what is the best route to get to a certain place, see the traffic conditions, whether they charge tolls or even prepare What will the weather be like to go out?

Regardless of whether you are an Android or iPhone user, the 2 applications considered best for navigation are Google Maps and Waze. Google Maps can show you a shorter and more everyday route and Waze can show a little more time, but with a completely different route to get you out of traffic and it shows you in real time thanks to the contributions of thousands of people. Will allow road conditions to be evaluated. of its users.

If you are currently using Waze Or you want to try it, we recommend that you take a look at these 5 hidden functions that will definitely be very useful to you and improve your experience to reach your destination more efficiently.

Waze: beyond navigation and 5 functions you should activate

Waze It not only helps you reach your destination, but it also offers hidden features that can improve your driving experience. We know that the most important thing for a trip is not only to reach as quickly as possible, but also to take a route that is safe for you and your car. These are the 5 things you should keep in mind:

1 Roadside Assistance: If your car gets stuck, Waze Allows you to report it and get help from other users nearby.

2 reminders: Enter the appointment time and date to arrive on time and Waze will notify you when you should go based on current traffic.

3 risk areas: Waze warns you about high-crime areas and suggests alternative routes.

4 events with smart navigation: Link Facebook events to Waze and make it easy for guests to access real-time instructions.

5 nearest gas stations: Waze shows you the nearest gas station so you never run out of fuel.

Waze main portal, credit to Waze

additional functions

Apart from the 5 hidden functions we mentioned, Waze also has other benefits and that you should know about, because this app allows you to:

-Waze allows you to share your location in real time with friends and family.

-You can customize your avatar with different vehicles and accessories.

-Waze provides you with real-time traffic information, such as accidents, road works and congestion.

What is Waze?

For those who don’t know it or have never used it, according to official website, Waze is a navigation app that uses your device’s GPS to provide turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic updates. What makes Waze unique is its community approach, which allows users to share information about traffic, accidents, road blockages, and nearby gas stations (all can be converted to Waze) . This information is constantly updated to provide drivers with the best possible routes. Additionally, Waze also offers social features, such as seeing friends’ locations on a map and communicating through the app. You can customize the app by setting your car icon, your avatar, and your preferred language. Waze can be used on Android devices and Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Take advantage of these features and discover what Waze can do for you!

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