Do you know the power of kissing? This is how a simple gesture improves your emotional well-being

KissSuch a simple and everyday gesture, it has surprising power when it comes to the emotional well-being of both babies and adults. Beyond being a sign of affection or caress, the kiss trigger a series of neurochemical processes what’s in our brain Deep impact on our mental and emotional health.

BrainResponsible for the control of our body, connected to the nervous system of our entire body. When we get kissed, especially on the face, we become activated a complex network of sensory receptors Which collect information about touch, pressure, temperature and pain. This information is transmitted to the brain, starting a cascade of chemical reactions Which makes us feel good.

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One of the main actors in this process is Opioid peptides, vasopressin and oxytocin, These compounds are closely related feeling of satisfaction, strengthening emotional attachment and experiencing pleasant emotions. This is why kissing continues to be prevalent from an early age important role in emotional development Of the smallest.

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When a father or mother kisses their child, they are not only showing love and affection, but they are also contributing Healthy development of your nervous and emotional systems, kiss stimulate the secretion of oxytocinKnown as the ‘love hormone’, which strengthens and promotes the bond between parents and childrenA sense of security and well-being develops in the child,

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But the power of kissing is not limited to childhood. Kissing plays an important role even in adulthood Important role in our emotional health, in the moments of stress, anxiety or sadness, a simple kiss can act as an emotional balm, calming our nerves and providing comfort. Oxytocin may also be released during kissing. reduce cortisol levelsStress hormone, helps us to relax and feel calm.

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Besides, kisses have power strengthen our interpersonal relationships, When we kiss our partner, we are not only expressing our love and desire, but we are also Strengthening the emotional connection between us. Studies have shown that couples who kiss more often More satisfying and lasting relationships,

But the effect of the kiss goes away beyond romantic relationships, Even in our daily social interactions, it is possible to receive a kiss on the cheek or a warm hug. Improve our mood and strengthen our relationships with the rest. In a world dominated by technology and emotional distance, kissing is a powerful reminder of our shared humanity. importance of interpersonal relationship,

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Kissing is more than a physical gesture. they are a Deep expression of our love, affection and connection with the rest. From the moment we are born, kissing plays a vital role in our emotional development. Providing us with a sense of comfort, security and belonging.

And throughout our lives they remain An inexhaustible source of emotional well-being and strength In times of joy and difficulty.


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