Actress Sydney Sweeney opens up about the film’s failure

Top flop – The latest feature film in the Spider-Verse has been sharply criticized

Will Sydney Sweeney feel trapped in the spider’s web? madam webThe movie in which she played the female version of Spider-Man?

Disappointed by critics, this fourth opus of the Spider-Verse (Later). poison 1 and 2 and morbius) was such a commercial failure that after Dakota Johnson played the lead role, the young actress did not fail to distance herself from it during her appearance on the famous “Saturday Night Live”.

Sidney Sweeney, who was revealed to the public by the series ExcitementThe Premier says, she would have announced that she does not feel affected by the (numerous) taunts coming from social networks. But then she said in a mocking tone: “You certainly didn’t see me in madam web , ,

“I was hired to play a role in the movie, so I was just there to do what I had to do,” the 26-year-old American would also tell the Los Angeles Times, the Akran big site indicates. It must be said that she only plays a fairly secondary role in Sony Pictures’ superhero production.

Our “Superhero” File

As a reminder, global revenues are generated madam web – which was released in France on February 14, 2024 – at the moment, the amount is “only” 200 million dollars(…) Read more at 20 minutes

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