Addison Rae teases Nerds co-star in first Nerds Super Bowl ad

Who is going to be the face of the Nerds in their first jump into Super Bowl advertising territory?

Addison Rae is one. She is not alone.

Don’t ask Roy who else is involved. She is keeping that secret a secret right now.

The pop star and social media personality is featured in a teaser for an ad for the candy brand that is scheduled to air during Super Bowl 58 in February. 11.

Rai is not alone in advertising.

She is in early sight, but won’t be alone for long.

Rae, using the Nerds Gummy Clusters as inspiration, is dancing and teaching some moves to someone off camera.

Who is the student? That’s exactly what we’re thinking, and she’s keeping us guessing.

Greg Guidotti, chief marketing officer of Ferrara, said, “Since Nerds is a brand rooted in pop culture, it was fitting to feature a well-known song like ‘What a Feeling’ and include a dance icon like Addison Rae.” “But we have some more surprises. Stay tuned because the fun has just begun.

Nerds Rope fan Rae, who is growing up herself, is trying her best to keep it a secret. It could be anyone and the audience is left in the dark.

In the 15-second teaser, Addison takes various steps in her role as a teacher. She displays a versatile skill set that’s… clearly similar to the way nerds have built themselves over the years. Flexible, multifaceted and interesting in the best ways.

Will this work? After seeing the first reveal, Addison is curious to know who the couple will be with in the full-length ad during the Super Bowl:

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