Barrera and Nunez keep Lisi one win away from winning the 2024 Finals Series

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Santo Domingo.- Tigres del Licey was one win away from reaching the Dominican autumn winter baseball crown.

Luis Barrera’s one-run single and Gustavo Núñez’s two-run single defined Licey’s 8-5 victory over Estrellas Orientales in a duel decided in 10 innings at Tetelo Vargas Stadium.

The Stars agreed to start the final 7–4, with two consecutive wins as Lisi won the next three matches. In each of those three Blue wins, the Bengalis have made three-race rallies in the first two and tonight’s rally includes five.

The Tigers led five laps in the first inning, but were left stranded for the next eight innings, while the Stars devoted themselves to cutting the lead until tying, due to a Blue error, in the bottom of the ninth. Difference of 5-4.

Núñez paid big dividends for his mistake in that ninth inning, hitting a rare, two-run single with the bases loaded against shaky Ronel Blanco.

After a first game in which he dominated Licey, Mexican Marcelo Martínez pitched for only a third of the innings and was responsible for five runs. Misael Tamarez, who started for Licey, threw three complete innings of one hit and four strikeouts against 10 batters.

Only two of the five Eastern laps were clean and the eight blue streaks all qualified.

Jairo Asensio (1-0; 0.00), who came on for the save, allowed the equalizing goal due to an error by second baseman Núñez, but got the win. Pedro Payano (1) threw a tenth with a hit and earned the save. Ronel Blanco Ronel Blanco (0-1,13.50) was responsible for the defeat by allowing three blue runs in the tenth.

Emilio Bonifacio hit a solo homer in a five-run opening inning; Sergio Alcantara finished the inning with two runs scored to become the undisputed offensive leader along with Núñez.

After Bonifacio’s home run, the Blue attack continued with a walk to Núñez, a double to center field by Ramón Hernández and a walk to José Rojas to load the bases. Davel Lugo retired and Francisco Mejía homered to right field to drive in Hernández in the second half of the inning and thus Martínez went to the showers with only a third of the inning left.

Román Méndez replaced him and Starlin Castro hit a ground ball to first that went to Hernández, making the game 3–0. Luis Barrera got a walk to reload the bases. Alcantara then followed with his double to right field to drive in Castro and Rojas, making the game 5–0. In action, an excellent shot from outfielder Vidal Brujan struck out Barrera at the plate to end the inning.

Three turnovers from the Greens came in the fourth inning, helped by an error by Blue center fielder Emilio Bonifacio against Jack Roscup.

After Bonifacio’s error, Lewin Diaz singled to center and Robinson Cano and Miguel Sano scored, leaving a batter at third. Webster Rivas grounded out to shortstop and Diaz scored at third for East.

After one out, Miguel Sano singled leaving runners on the corners. Lewin Diaz hit a sacrifice fly to left field that scored Brujan, Alfredo Reyes who had come in to pinch run for Sano was thrown out to second on a shot by the catcher and thus ended the inning. , but the Greens came close to the minimum.

The Stars finished tied for ninth against Jairo Asensio due to fielding errors and carelessness in the blue box. Lewin Díaz hit a fly ball that second baseman Gustavo Núñez missed in an attempt to catch it in right field. Diaz was replaced by Wilfred Veras. Rodolfo Durán gave up a sacrifice fly to first on a close play, but Veras continued to play in the inning when the Blue defense ignored the situation. Raimel Tapia singled to right side and thus led to extra innings.

decisive episode

League rules do not consider designated or ghost runners in the finals series.

In this tenth episode, the third time was the charm for Blue leader Gilbert Gomez. This time after the runner reached first base, again starting the inning, he sent for a bunt and unlike the previous two occasions, a run was scored.

Lugo walked with one run and was replaced by Robel Garcia. Mejia moved him to second base with a sacrifice bunt. Yadiel Hernandez came to bat for Magneuris Sierra and with a wild pitch from Blanco, Garcia moved to third. Hernandez was bunted out and Luis Barrera hit an RBI single to left field that Diron Blanco was close to capturing, thus García advanced. Alcantara has been bowled and the bases are loaded. Bonifacio homered and with two outs Núñez had a hit that scored Barrera and Hernández.

enclosures are marked, but not sealed

In the fifth, the Tigers led off with Davel Lugo’s double off Jeff Kinley. Francisco Mejia took him to the infield with a sacrifice bunt. Carlos Belen took over the mound and retired Starlin Castro and Luis Barrera.

In the seventh, the Stars put runners on first and third with a run out against Jonathan Arrow. Then with two outs they had runners on third and second. The Arrows dominated Deron Blanco with ground balls until the second.

In the eighth, Starlin Castro doubled against Luis Gonzalez with one out. Meganuris Sierra entered as a pinch runner. He advanced to third in a hit-and-run play after Luis Barrera’s hit to right field. Gonzalez dominated Alcantara with a fly ball to right field to end the inning.

A total of 19 pitchers paraded around the Tetelo Vargas mound, 10 for the Tigres.

The next game will be this Friday at 7:30 pm at the Quisquia Juan Marichal Stadium.

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