Adidas Hello Kitty. Best gift for February 14th?

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We are a few weeks away from celebrating February 14th, day of love and friendshipThat’s why women and men look for the best gift for that special someone.

February 14th is very special for all those who are in love, but also for those for whom friendship is most important.

Because of this, the most sought-after clothes and sneakers are in the Adidas store. 14 FebruaryHello kitty.

Next, we will tell you the prices of clothes and tennis shoes Adidas Hello Kitty To give as a gift this 14th February

Adidas Hello Kitty price as a gift on February 14th

Here are the Adidas Hello Kitty clothes and tennis shoes to give on the day of love and friendship:

  • Original x Hello Kitty Jogger Pants at 1,999 pesos
  • Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty T-Shirt Dress at 1,399 pesos
  • Pants Jogger Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty at 1,999 pesos
  • Superstar Originals x Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes for Youth at 1,899 pesos
  • Stan Smith Originals x Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes for Kids at 1,499 pesos
  • SST Original x Hello Kitty T-shirt at 599 pesos
  • SuperStar 360 Original x Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes for Kids at 1,499 Pesos
  • Forum Lo Original x Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes for Kids at 1,599 Pesos
  • Hoodie with Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty at 1,399 pesos
  • Stan Smith Tennis for Youth at 1,899 pesos
  • Pants Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty at 1,099 pesos
  • Superstar 360 Tennis Shoes Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty at 1,299 Pesos
  • Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty T-Shirt Dress Set at 999 Pesos
  • Superstar 360 Tennis from 1,499 to 1,109 pesos
  • Adidas Originals x Hello Kitty T-Shirt Dress Set at 999 Pesos
  • Forum Original x Hello Kitty Tennis Shoes for Kids at 1,599 pesos
  • SuperStar 360 Tennis at 1,499 pesos

If you want to buy any of these products then click here.

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What is celebrated on 14th February 2024?

14th February is known as Valentine’s Day day of love and friendship, is celebrated in Mexico in the same way as it is in many other places in the world. It is an occasion when couples express their love and affection towards each other and friendship is also celebrated.

Some common ways to celebrate February 14 in Mexico include:

  • Gifts: Couples often exchange gifts such as flowers, chocolates, cards and other romantic details. Some people also choose more personal or meaningful gifts.
  • Romantic Dinner: Many couples choose to go for dinner at a romantic restaurant or plan a special dinner at home.
  • Special activities: Some couples choose to participate in special activities, such as romantic outings, weekend getaways, or activities that they both enjoy.
  • Flowers and Decorations: Flowers, especially roses, are a very popular gift on this day. Establishments and homes may be decorated with romantic motifs.
  • Messages and love letters: Many people express their feelings through messages, love letters or even social networks to share messages of affection.
  • Celebrating Friendship: The Day of Love and Friendship is an occasion to celebrate friendships apart from couples. Some people exchange small gifts or meet close friends.
  • Special events: Some venues host special events, such as concerts, themed dinners, or romantic activities for couples.

It is important to note that the way to celebrate it may vary depending on the couple and personal preferences. Some people attach great importance to this date, while others may opt for simple celebrations or even ignore it altogether.

remember the old logo

As part of its strategies, Adidas has announced the reintroduction of the insignia “trefoil” into football.

Let’s remember that this iconic logo, used by the brand on its models until the beginning of the 90s, will now make its return next season as an alternative uniform on football teams.

According to the brand, the “Trebol” specification will appear on the third shirts of the main teams in Europe that have Adidas as their official supplier.

And it was announced that certain teams are Arsenal, Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

Likewise, it is expected that this reappearance of the “Trebol” will bring a special collection inspired by the brand’s symbolic uniforms in the past and that football fans will enjoy.

Therefore, to promote these editions, the company has recently launched a campaign in the “Paris Fashion Week” in collaboration with ambassadors and footballers, the Frenchman Zinedine Zidane and the Englishman David Beckham.

The brand also indicated that the last time Adidas-affiliated clubs received kits with “Trebol” was in the 1990–1991 season, which was a historic moment for the company, as these designs were present at the World Cup held in 1990. Italy.

From this we can see the importance of this graphic element in the life of brands and especially in the life of consumers, who increasingly show their loyalty with small details.
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