Admission to Medicine with an additional test at the EBAU: stopping due to changes

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona.

The first aptitude test to access medicine is experience abandoned by the administration, This test, conducted for the first time in the faculties of Catalan universities New students in the 2022-2023 academic yearThe Generalitat of Catalonia has been forgotten by the government, At present this initiative is being ‘shelved’,

To create an individual aptitude test which selects students with the following aptitude Outline of more humanistic values As a regulatory element of entry into degrees leading to health professions one of the Directions of work identified in the Dialog Professional Forumwithin the framework of taking measures Promoting equity in access to university of Catalan students. However, this project has also been stalled due to Relief to six out of eight deans And this Aspects of improvement from pilot experience,

The test was idealized as a guide to know how to continue it after searching the literature and maintaining international contacts, which will allow us to gain a good understanding of the experiences made with similar tests . This time, The driving team has already evaluated the results Use the experience gained to progressively improve the project and, if deemed appropriate, extend it to other grades. Thus, These will be published in the coming weeks Test results.

Unique, Valid and Discriminative Test

Some deans of the medical faculties of the public universities where this degree is awarded, six in total in Catalonia, explain medical writing What aspects of personal aptitude test should be improved? Carrying out this test is “a possibility contemplated under the existing rules. To implement this It must be a unique, valid and adequately discriminating test, Logistically, this is not at all easy to accomplish,” said the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University of Barcelona. Antony Trilla,

Along these lines, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Verona, Jose Manuel FernandezConsiders testing an important element for ” Evaluate students’ skills and abilities interest in medicine.” Fernandez, who takes office in March 2023, has defended the test, but with a nuance: “This test could Provide a more holistic view of candidates Beyond educational qualification. However, it must be Very alert in different loads to be carried out.”

On his part, Rovira I Virgili, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of the University, fatima sabenchhas stated that he thinks “Interesting and necessary” Everything that increases quality and refinement in access to a medicine-like degree, “where the patient is the center and requires a very important human dimension.” However, The test must be “well validated” And instead of abandoning, he accomplishes the task of welcoming. Students whose records are not so good can excel professional”, added the Dean, Subhash from September 2022. Along these lines, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lleida, Anna CasanovasHas highlighted the “great work” of all the deans and institutions such as the General Directorate of Universities.

“Before reconsidering its possible use, various aspects have to be taken into account,” recalled Trilla, who stressed that the pilot experience carried out had shown that many issues for improvement, In that sense, Fernández elaborated that the possibility of restarting the project should be “The decision will be debated at the institutional level “And the specific situation of each community must be taken into account, as well as the needs and expectations of health professionals in Catalonia.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Aragon has stressed “the importance of maintaining an open and inclusive dialogue between interested parties to ensure that any changes or implementation of the trial take place.” Beneficial for training future medical professionals“. For his part, Casanovas has advocated Weigh individual aptitude test with selectivity, “This system will allow students with very high grades Those who fail in the examination will not be excluded and those who low grade studentsthey cannot enter, and perform an optimal testOne can pursue a degree in medicine and become an extraordinary professional,” he reflected.

Other artists involved in the project have expressed regret that it was not continued. ,Too bad, a lot of work for nothing, He gave us a lot of information and very useful. This is easy to fix. we’ll have it ready in a few years“, these sources indicated to this newspaper. Looking to the future, they are confident that the qualifying examination for access to medicine will be taken out of the drawer, an initiative to which the government has given free rein, because Provides “solution to an active problem”,

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