After completion of degree, this profession earns more than medicine.

Medicine This is one of those degrees that guarantees the highest salary after completion of the degree. According to reports its average is more than 1,600 euros ‘Young University Students and Employability’ Published by Randstad Research and San Pablo CEU University Foundation but it Doesn’t make a health degree the “best paying” profession Just get over it, because there’s someone else who’ll make it through Gold Medal for Highest Salary: Maritime and Marine Transportation,

According to the report, degree in maritime and maritime transport reaches Estimated net monthly salary up to 1,645 euros, Therefore, the Medicine degree remains in second place with an estimated average of 1,609 euros. The third place is occupied by another health profession, Nursing, with a salary that reaches 1,409 euros Right after finishing the race.

Among the highest paid degrees, Aeronautical Engineering degrees (1,365 net euros per month) lie below these three best paid degrees. Naval and Ocean Engineering (1,344 euros), biomedicine (1.307), pharmacy (1.294), Biomechanical and health engineering (1,292 Euros), Industrial Organization and Nanotechnology Engineering (1,283 Euros), Oenology (1,268 Euros), Land Transport and Air Transport Services (1,263 Euros), Geomatics Engineering, Topography and Cartography (1,257 Euros), Telecommunications Engineering (1,251 Euros) and Engineering in Industrial Technologies (1,246 euros).

What are the opportunities for a degree in medicine to earn more money?

Degrees in maritime and maritime transportation are taught in some universities such as University of the Basque Country, at the Universidad Polítecnica de Catalunya, the University of Cadiz, the Universidad da Coruña, the Universidad de La Laguna or the University of Oviedo. Your access (in many of these centers) with lower grades. You need approval to be able to take it) making it an affordable option for students.

The degree is focused on Development of activities related to navigation and maritime transport management, with subjects such as astronomy, meteorology, radar navigation or the storage and handling of goods. In the case of information about degrees awarded by the University of the Basque Country, it establishes the presence of compulsory boarding practices for three months or 600 hours in companies on land.

“Once they get the degree, they have to Complete 12 months on board as a student To become a Second Class Pilot in the Merchant Navy. To obtain the professional title of Captain of the Merchant Navy, they must complete a master’s degree in Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transportation,” the UPV/EHU specifies.

Having a degree in maritime and maritime transport opens up the possibility of working in various fields such as merchant navy pilots, central and regional maritime administration, safety and pollution inspection, expert reports on maritime issues, port services, pilotage and customs surveillance. Is available. Shipyards, marine needle compensators, marine and air traffic control, management of marinas and sea-sports companies, inspection of ships and cargo, management of shipping companies or Development of quality, environmental, marine safety projects and prevention of occupational risks.

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