After Kaitlyn Dever, a new actor has been added to the cast of Season 2!

Season 2 cast the last of us is expanding, and this time, it centers around the popular character Jesse finding his actor!

While the success of the second season of the last of us With Kaitlyn Dever confirmed for the role of Abby and gaining momentum, the producers don’t want to stop there. The search for the ideal casting continues with the announcement of a new member who will bring Jesse to life in this long-awaited sequel to the apocalyptic franchise.

Jessie, the pillar of her community!

Jesse, described as the pillar of his community of “rattlers”, devotes himself to the needs of others in body and soul, sometimes at the cost of terrible sacrifices. The actor who will play this role is none other than Young Mazino famous for his role in beef. This announcement creates anticipation about the upcoming season, and producers and directors, Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, are happy with this new addition to the cast.

“Young Mazino is one of those rare actors who just mesmerizes you. We’re so lucky to have her, and we can’t wait for audiences to see Young shine in our series,” He announced.

In the video game created by the Naughty Dog company, Jesse has an important role in the story, presenting him as Ellie’s friend. Will this new character meet the same fate as the video game? To know this we will have to wait for the new episodes.

the last of us :An Extended Series!

Mazino’s arrival coincides with the arrival of Caitlin Dever, who was recently announced in the role of Abby for the second season of the most-searched series on Google, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Production is expected to begin in the spring with a view to returning to HBO in 2025.

One thing is certain: distribution that will participate in bringing to life a new part of the universe the last of us is most promising. Fans can already prepare for the second season full of emotions and ups and downs.

A new actor has been added to the cast of The Last of Us, Season 2, following Kaitlyn Dever!

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