After the decision of the International Court, America stressed that accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza is baseless.

The spokesperson for US diplomacy assured that his country “believes that the International Court of Justice plays an important role in the peaceful resolution of disputes” (EFE/EPA/Haitham Emad)

The United States insisted this Friday that it is Accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza is “baseless”After International Court of Justice (ICJ) would order the Israeli state to take “immediate” measures to stop the extermination of Palestinians in the Strip.

“We believe that the allegations of genocide are baseless and we wish to emphasize that The court did not reach any conclusion on the genocide Nor did he call for a ceasefire in his decision,” a State Department spokesman told the press.

The same source noted that the United States has always made it “clear” that, as the ICJ said, Israel must “take every possible measure”. Reducing harm to civilians and increasing the flow of humanitarian assistance,

He also said that the Court’s decision is consistent with the position of the United States Israel has the “right” to act So that the Hamas attacks of 7 October “are not repeated” and called for the “immediate and unconditional release” of all hostages.

The spokesman for US diplomacy assured that his country “believes that the International Court of Justice plays an important role in the peaceful resolution of disputes.”

“We will continue to monitor this process as it progresses,” he said.

The Hague-based ICJ issued this Friday Precautionary measures against Israel In response to South Africa’s accusation, it called for “immediate and effective” steps to stop the massacre in Gaza and to punish anyone who incites the destruction.

File photo. Several people standing inside the International Court of Justice (ICJ) (Reuters/Thilo Schmuelgen)

John E. DonoghueThe ICJ president opened the session by reading the expected verdict of the panel of 17 judges in a case that touches the core of one of the world’s most intractable conflicts.

At sentencing, Donoghue said the court would not dismiss the case.

“The Court is fully aware of the magnitude of the humanitarian tragedy taking place in this region and Deeply concerned by the continued loss of life and human suffering”, declared the President of the ICJ.

However, this is Friday’s decision only provisional, The full case brought by South Africa could take years to consider.

Israeli Prime Minister, benjamin netanyahuAssured that genocide charges against Israel “This is not only false, but insulting,” And welcomed the fact that the court did not order a ceasefire.

Hamas welcomed the ICJ’s decision and considered it “an important development that contributes to dismantling the (Israeli) occupation in Gaza and exposing its crimes.”

Following the Hamas attack on 7 October, in which Terrorists killed 1,200 peopleIsraeli forces launch a military offensive in Gaza that is almost complete 26,000 Palestinians killed And an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The United States supports Israel’s war against Hamas and has vetoed a UN Security Council ceasefire resolution, while calling on the Israeli government to reduce civilian casualties.

(with information from EFE)

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