After the mistake made against America De Cali, Arturo Vidal broke his silence and told his truth.

The novel about the signing of Arturo Vidal in América de Cali ended with a sad ending for the fans this week, when the Valle del Cauca team publicly denied his arrival. The Scarlets team confirmed that negotiations have ended.

“Despite all the efforts we have made, There is no agreement with Arturo Vidal between the organization and the respective sponsors. Therefore, we leave the continuation of his signature.The leader said in the audio-visual excerpt.

After completing negotiations with the Cali team, the midfielder appeared again this Tuesday at the Colo-Colo Sports headquarters and spoke for the first time about his future, making it clear that his intention was always to return to his beloved team. Was from.

The Chilean player took advantage of the conversation with several journalists from his country to emphasize that his return to Cacique cannot be ruled out and that he wants to win many titles. He also stressed that his return is not a retirement from professional activity.

“I heard they said because he was injured he returned to Colo-Colo and no. I am returning because I want to put Colo-Colo in the place it deserves in South America and create a good image. Now do not compare me with those who have returned to Chile because this is not my case. Vidal said, “I’m not going to retire again, no matter what, I’m going to win things again with Colo-Colo.”

Southern team president Matias Camacho also spoke out regarding the midfielder’s appointment and revealed several details of the negotiations. The manager explained that America de Cali was the third option for King Arthur.

He then noted: “He told us he had no idea about those promotions and commercials for hamburgers and beer, it was so funny. Arturo Cali will earn much less than what the club offered him. He wanted to play at home, he wanted to play for the Libertadores. I had three options. The first was Colo-Colo. Second, Olympia, and last, America.”

For Vidal, his arrival in América de Cali was not a real option

For Vidal, his arrival in América de Cali was not a real option , picture: getty images

It should be remembered that Pablo Ramos, the Chilean journalist of ESPN, had assured a few days ago that people close to the midfielder were confident that he would sign a contract with Cacique. Similarly, he said that America is not his main option for the player.

“It’s Monday and people around Arturo Vidal are confident that King Will sign with Colo-Colo. This is also the player’s intention and he is only waiting for Black and White to start formal negotiations. America de Cali is not even Plan B, just your third option.”He pronounced the sentence.

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