After the Parranda scandal, Cervecería Cubana announces changes in distribution

Company Cervecería Cubana SA, manufacturer parranda beer, Announced a new marketing strategy and marketing in connection with the problems recently presented by some batches of that product, the official Cuban News Agency (ACN) reported.

A week ago, the company informed of that many batches went bad And they were withdrawn from the island’s markets. The damaged beer suffered from “improper storage for which the producers were not responsible.”

Now the company called the official media controlled by the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and offered them a tour of its factory located in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM). Chief Sales Specialist Ignacio Díaz Fonseca said: The basic idea is to ensure that the beer is stored for as short a time as possible.

Cerveceria Cubana’s new plan is to use multiple logistics operators throughout the country that “guarantee direct point-to-point access to shopping centers.” This way, you don’t have to go to delivery locations to get drinks delivered again, that’s a fact Avoids the climatic conditions prevailing in Cuba (beer should be stored below 30 °C)And ensures faster stocking in stores.

Sophie Jacobs, the company’s head of marketing and e-commerce, said the large-scale tasting is being conducted across Cuba. People participate in these tests at parties, shops, discos, bars, hotels and other centers where Parranda comes, he said. A team of the company trains the product salespeople and explains the characteristics of the beer in a special way.

For brewmaster, Jose Zapatero, quality is the key point of the product. he remembered that It is a modern Pilsner-type beer with 4.8% alcohol, golden color and crystalline. Its flavor, in addition to malt, has notes of soft citrus and light floral tones, a formula that takes into account the Cuban climate.

Zapatero defended that the product receives 130 quality tests before going on the market. The last stage occurs after the technological process is completed, when the beer is stored for seven days. At temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.

In addition to responding to customers who reported problems with the product, the company also invited its consumers to visit recycling points to contribute to cleaning the environment.

Some users on the company’s Facebook wall have questioned its business policies as a result of what happened. For example, Norges Rodríguez Delgado, a corporate lawyer based in Guantanamo, commented on the last post: “And quality control? How about consumer protection if a batch spoils and customers lose their money? What is business solution? Because it’s already happened to them.”

Cervecería Cubana SA is a joint venture between the state corporation Cuba Ron SA and Swinkels Family Brewers Spain SL, a Spanish subsidiary of the group of the same name based in Holland. team, Launching in 2022 After the gradual disappearance of the much-loved Cristal and Bucanero from the Cuban marketThere is a drink that is different from most Similar foreign products sold in CubaPacked in polythene bottles.

Beer is one of the favorite drinks of CubansAn increasingly rare and unaffordable product for the pockets of most consumers on the island.


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