Be healthy: 10 rules to achieve it

Dr. Marimar GuerraSpecialist in genomic and anti-aging medicine at the clinic MaidaShares her valuable advice, develop healthy habits that have a positive impact on your well-being and appearance.

1.- Know your genetics

Dives into revolutionary genomic medicine dna Personal to each patient, revealing their body’s most intimate secrets. This innovative approach sheds light on the functioning of metabolism, fat management and susceptibility to various diseases, covering both physical and emotional aspects of health.

“In the hands of experts, this knowledge can help you make changes to your lifestyle, epigenetics, to get the most potential from our bodies, reverse damage and avoid the expression of genes associated with diseases.”

2.- Control your stress

“Stress is responsible for the development of 80% of diseases, whether congenital or acquired, and it forces our bodies into a state of alert and defensiveness for too long resulting in cellular oxidation, decreased production of hormones associated with happiness. And health, our body’s energy and ability to self-regulate and reproduce”Dr. Esmeralda warns Bastidas.

He says that although emotional therapy or mindfulness activities are very important, there are also technologies that work at the bioenergetic level to help you manage stress better.

3.- Hydrate yourself properly

Between sweating, breathing, and waste elimination, we lose 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day.

“Recovery of fluids is essential for transporting nutrients, converting food into energy, lubricating joints, regulating our temperature, protecting vital organs, humidifying the oxygen used for breathing”doctor revealed marimar guerra Which says that not drinking enough water affects our body functioning, productivity and mood.

He recommends drinking 2 to 3 liters of water daily and not waiting for thirst, which is a clear sign of dehydration. Be clear that do not count soft drinks, coffee or tea, as they are diuretics or contain significant amounts of refined sugar.

4.- Take care of your sleep, turn off lights and screens

“Turning off cell phone, television, or tablet screens at least half an hour before bedtime promotes sleep and health, because their light alters the circadian sleep cycle.”Indicates Dr. Esmeralda Bastidas, also a Master in Orthomolecular Nutrition Spanish Society of Nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine (SENMO),

He explains that during sleep, melatonin is released, which has anti-inflammatory functions and reduces tissue damage. It also promotes the release of growth hormone, which improves bone, muscle and skin quality, and promotes fat reduction.

4.- Exercise your body individually and intelligently

Physical exercise should be part of our lives, but we must keep in mind that metabolism is diverse depending on age, gender, lifestyle, history and genetics.

“Genetic studies guide their trainers to determine what is ideal for each individual, avoiding excessive wear and tear or frustration.”doctor comments marimar guerra,

He says there are also technologies that work with different calorie frequencies that achieve the same results in 20 minutes as two hours of exercise.

Additionally, eat a healthy diet by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Do juice detoxes frequently and avoid fat and sugar as much as possible. If you feel that you have lost a day, then tighten up your diet in the following days.

6.- Have fun and bond

“Connections with people we love and having fun promote the release of hormones associated with happiness, such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin.”doctor comments Esmeralda Bastidas,

These hormones have been shown to have a direct effect on physical health, as they reduce cardiovascular risk, inflammatory conditions, and delay cellular aging.

7.- Protect your skin

Various researches show that the loss of the ozone layer, the natural protective shield of biobalance on Earth, has allowed UV rays to penetrate more intensely. “UV rays cause changes in our skin cells, leading to the appearance of spots and wrinkles, up to cancer”Emphasizes Dr. Marimar Guerra, who advises us to go to specialists, dermatologists or aesthetic doctors, so that they can tell us how to protect the skin based on the characteristics of each person. There are even genetic studies that tell us which treatments are ideal for each individual.

8.- Nourish your cells at the molecular level

Time and lifestyle reduce the body’s ability to absorb all the nutrients it receives through food or supplements. In fact, during digestion we lose many vitamins and minerals and these nutrients are the “gasoline” of our cells.

“To achieve 100% nutrition there are shots of formula with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are administered intravenously to nourish the cells and detoxify them. Since this is an intravenous treatment, absorption of the nutrients is total Is”Portrays Dr. Bastidas.

The best news, he says, is that there are specific formulas for each person’s needs: balancing their hormones, losing weight, increasing libido, protecting skin, preparing for or recovering from surgery, and more.

9.-Shape your body

It is important to eliminate sagging and cellulite, because looking and feeling beautiful is a reward for our effort and motivates us to continue taking care of ourselves.

Experts point out that regenerative medicine has developed minimally invasive treatments and technologies that help shape the body and face, giving us gains and achievements that cannot be achieved by diet and exercise alone.

10.- Biohack your body with stem cells

He biohacking It is a new approach to health that seeks to improve human performance through hacking or resetting the information contained in cells.

Over time, these lose the ability to multiply and, worse, those that do are filled with damaged information.

“A shot of stem cells, the raw material of the organism, regenerates every cell of the tissues and organs, contributing to their recovery and reminding the body how it should function. And the best part is that the new Cells that replicate. Information Healthy”Dr. points out Esmeralda Bastidas.

Experts agree that although these 10 recommendations will help all people, every organism is different and indications should be individualized.

They recommend going to clinics with multidisciplinary teams or practicing specialists, to get much faster and more effective results. 4P medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory,

With information from Agência Reforma.

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