AGEMA unmanned ground vehicle enters service in Ukraine

milanion declares that it is UGV AGEMA working in special unit Kraken of Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine,

milanion has reported that its unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) AGEMAA person exceptional in his or her category, currently serving with a special unit Kraken of Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine, this unit Kraken Plays a vital role in front line combat operations and UGV in Ukraine AGEMA It has become a vital asset on the battlefield, especially in the harsh conditions of the Ukrainian winter.

Designed for the most demanding missions, the UGV AGEMA Of milanion It is designed to operate in the most hostile and challenging environments. In Ukraine, this UGV will play an essential role in “last mile” resupply and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC). Their role is to provide vital support to troops by relieving them of the burden of transportation and distribution of vital supplies such as fuel, food, equipment and ammunition. He AGEMA It takes care of the boring, dirty and dangerous tasks, allowing soldiers to focus on their missions. Furthermore, it facilitates rapid and effective evacuation of injured people from the battlefield.

milanion Working together with local company ukrainian armor To facilitate the implementation of AGEMA In the war zone. Vladislav BelbasCEO of ukrainian armorhas highlighted the importance of unmanned systems in modern warfare and how the unit Kraken will help in evaluating the performance of AGEMA Laying the groundwork for future updates, with the aim of improving its effectiveness and efficiency.

ugv AGEMA Equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) based technology that makes it a powerful platform to guide, protect and secure human personnel and assets. Its modular design and ability to operate in extreme and hostile environments, including its amphibious capability and off-road capabilities, make it a valuable asset to any military unit.

milanion is a leading company in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned systems that improve and transform the capabilities of military equipment and missions. Its commitment to simplicity, speed and support allows it to deliver robust solutions that enhance its customers’ world-class capabilities. Through its agility and responsiveness, milanion Strives to meet the changing needs of customers in a constantly evolving world.

Features of Milanian’s AGEMA UGV,

  • In service with special unit Kraken from Ukraine.
  • Designed for tough missions in harsh environments.
  • Assistance in “last mile” resupply and medical evacuation.
  • Technology based on artificial intelligence.
  • Modular design, amphibious capability and off-road performance.

inclusion of ugv agema in unity Kraken Strengthens the unit’s ability to perform critical missions in Ukraine’s challenging conditions and demonstrates commitment milanion In providing advanced solutions to modern military requirements.


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