Aguilas will qualify for the round of 16 of the ConcaChampions and will play against Chivas

Here is the biggest victory in history Concachampions, He America defeated Real Esteli 2 to 0Target jonathan rodriguez And Alejandro ZendejasThey swept the series and qualified for the round of 16 with an aggregate score of 3–2 where they would face Chivas.

Andre Jardin’s side were in a bind after a 2–1 defeat in Nicaragua, although they were not burdened with responsibility and took control of the second leg from the start. Eagles pushed northern train Douglas Fourvis’ goal against and awarded minute 18 When? small head rodriguez He defined from the front after a loan from Julian Quinones.

The goal that made him a little more calm was a long time coming, because Alejandro Zendejas increased in minute 54 After finding and finishing the rebound in the zone.

The next stage for Águilas will be the round of 16 where they will star in a new series with Chivas. national classic By Concachampions,

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How was it versus America? The real Estelí? final score

equipment 1t 2t partial
America 1 1 2
real esteli 0 0 0


  • AME-J. Rodriguez – Min 18
  • AME – A Zendejas – Minimum 54

America vs Real Esteli, live

all the time, America wins! Las Águilas beat Real Estelí 2-0, upset the series and advance to the round of 16 of the ConcaChampions where Chivas awaits.

min 90+7, Once again, Zendejas hits the post.

min 90+2, Zendejas’s crossed ball went wide of the post.

min 90+1, Malagon sticks to Quijano’s definition.

minutes 90, 8 minutes added.

minute 89, Last change in America: Javero Dilrosan for Brian Rodriguez.

minute 85, Changes in America: Fidalgo by Santiago Naveda.

minute 82, A New Revision in America: Macol Balanta by Byron Bonilla.

minute 81, Kevin Alvarez’s cross shot was deflected.

minute 79, More changes at Real Estelí: Widmann Talavera and Sergio Cunningham for Balanta and Ochoa.

minute 77, Ochoa lies down on the field and asks one of his teammates for help with stretching.

minute 71, Two changes at Real Estelí: Henry Nino and Nicolás Maturana for Acevedo and Banksy Hernández.

minute 68, Fidalgo’s attempt is close.

minute 67, Zendejas hits the post. Jardine sent on Henry Martín and Luis Fuentes for Cabrera Rodríguez and Cristian Calderón.

minute 62, Harold Medina rebuked.

minutes 60, Fight between footballers.

minute 54, Slap save from Malagon to block Ochoa’s attempt.

Minute 54. America’s goal! Alejandro Zendejas completed a rebound in the area and extended the advantage for Águilas.

Alejandro Zendejas’ goal for America

minute 51, Shot by Ivan Ochoa that hit the outside of the goal.

second part begins, Andre Jardin made one change: Kevin Alvarez enters for Sebastián Caceres, whose ejection was waived by VAR.

end of first half, The first half ended in controversy, with the United States winning 1–0 at halftime thanks to a goal. small head Rodriguez.

min 45+1, 4 minutes added.

minute 45, The VAR whistler calls for Ismail Elfath and cancels the red card. Caceres has been reprimanded.

minute 42, Sebastian Caceres expelled. Bad news for America.

minutes 40, quipped Quinones.

minute 36, Malagon made sure to catch the ball on the right side of Banksy Hernandez.

minute 33, Brian Rodriguez’s ball hit the crossbar.

minute 29, reprimanded Marlo Lopez.

minute 25, Complete dominance of America in the match. Real Estelí’s ball handling does not cross the middle of the field.

Minute 18. America’s goal! Cabecita Rodríguez made the game 1–0 for Águilas after a wonderful transfer from Quinones.

Cabecita Rodriguez’s goal for America

minute 15, Forvis flies and saves his target.

minute 11, Cabecita Rodriguez’s shot went over the goal.

minute 10, Zendejas’ ball from the right crosses the area.

minute 5, What we imagine. América, who owns the field, tries to lead Real Estelí against Forvis’ goal.

the match starts, We have action at the Ciudad de los Deportes stadium. America is on the return leg against Real Estel.

America’s 11, Jonathan Rodriguez is the only change for Andre Jardin with Diego Valdes coming in for the 1-0 win against Lyon for Clausura 2024.

Real Estelí’s 11, Levin Balanta and Harold Medina are news for Otoniel Olivas in the 2-1 win against Aguilas in Nicaragua.

the tour is in the stadium, The Nicaraguan train is already on the field and dreaming of making history.

eagles locker room ready, America today is presented with all the colors of life.

you are welcome Sports City Stadium, America needs to turn the score, which is why Andre Jardin’s team, which changes its home, goes full force against Real Estelí.

America’s confirmed lineup

Luis Malagon; Israel Reyes, Igor Lichenovsky, Sebastian Cáceres, Cristian Calderón; Brian Rodriguez, Jonathan dos Santos, Alvaro Fidalgo, Alejandro Zendejas; Julian Quinones and Jonathan Rodriguez.

Real Estelí’s confirmed lineup

Douglas Forvis; Josue Quijano, Ebert Martínez, Marvin Fletts, Oscar Acevedo; Banksy Hernandez, Levin Balanta, Marlon Lopez, Ivan Ochoa, Byron Bonilla; Harold Medina.

Where and how to watch America vs? Real Estelí today? TV channels and online streaming for 2024 League Cup matches

  • Day: Wednesday 14th February
  • Hour: 21:15 cdmx | 22:15 ET
  • TV Channel:
    • Mexico: Fox Sports, Fox Sports Premium
    • USA: fox sports
    • Nicaragua and the rest of Central America: espn
  • Online Streaming:
    • Mexico: Fox Sports on Prime Video
    • USA: fubo, vix premium
    • Nicaragua, rest of Central America and South America: star+

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