Social networks are full of praises of the return of Apple Vision Pro

As if the comparison that Mark Zuckerberg made between the Vision Pro and his Meta Quest 3 was not enough for Apple to give extremely solid reasons why he says that his glasses are better, today social networks are filled with messages from users who They returned their expensive $3,500 spatial computing glasses.

But why today? Well, because this Wednesday the 14 day period set by Apple to return a product and be eligible for a full refund is about to end. Sales of the Apple Vision Pro started on February 2, so the deadline to return them for those enthusiastic users who bought them on the day of their launch is this Friday, February 16.

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Testimonials that we find in X using keywords “Returned Apple Vision Pro” They are diverse, however, they all agree on one point: the Apple Vision Pro are extremely uncomfortable and quite heavy.

I returned my Apple Vision Pro. I believe that spatial computing is the future.

But… it weighs too much to use for more than an hour. Couldn’t justify the $4K tag. I’ll come back for v2 or v3 when it’s lighter.$apple

— H (@hoon_k) 13 February 2024

“I returned my Apple Vision Pro. I believe that spatial computing is the future, but right now they are too heavy to use for more than an hour. I can’t even justify the $4,000 price. I would like to consider version 2 or Will be back for 3 when they’re lighter,” reads one of the testimonials published in X.

Some other comments describe complaints related to viewers’ technical capabilities, such as limited viewing angle or the camera having great difficulty detecting text on a cell phone.

Other complaints describe the absence of features that are almost impossible to think of in an Apple device, such as the lack of integration with other Apple devices: “I need to be able to unlock my cell phone by looking at it or looking at it.” Must be able to screen in higher resolution than my Vision Pro,” other user account,

Will the Vision Pro be Apple’s first failure under the direction of Tim Cook?

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