He sentenced the murderer of a farmer in Cienfuegos to life in prison for stealing a cow

Cuban authorities, through a provincial court, imposed a life sentence in an oral and public process that sought to set an example for the man responsible for the murder of a farmer from Cienfuegos for stealing his beef Was.

According to official sources, authorities collected testimonial, documentary and forensic evidence implicating four subjects in the theft and slaughter of livestock, including an alleged murderer.

The prosecution described the crime as serious because it violates a person’s most important legal right: the right to life. Therefore, the penalty imposed was the harshest: perpetual imprisonment.

,The sacrifice of a bull led to the loss of life of a citizen who was only protecting a part of his property,” said First Lieutenant Aride Arteaga Fonseca, investigator of the case that occurred in 2023 in Cienfuegos, Noticiero Nación.

Arteaga Fonseca reported that the killer killed the farmer “when he realized that the victim had betrayed him”, because shortly before he died the farmer had gone to the attacker’s house and told him that he had killed him during a cattle theft. saw.

Life imprisonment for farmer’s killer in Cienfuegos

Prosecutor Yaranasi Figueredo supported the sentence given to the attacker. The judicial officer said the murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment, “taking into account the seriousness of the act which affected the most valuable legal property of a person, which is life.”

According to the court’s decision, the other three involved in the case were sentenced to different sanctions depending on their degree of responsibility in the events. They were concerned only with the theft of cattle, not with the murder of the Cienfuegos farmer.

Cattle theft has increased in Cuba in recent years, due to the severe economic crisis that has hit the island. Plus other crimes, like murders and violent robberies.

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