Alberto Fujimori serves as opposition spokesperson and ensures the continuity of Dina Boluat until 2026

Nearly three months after being released from prison due to a controversial ruling of the Constitutional Court, Alberto Fujimori, the agricultural engineer who established an authoritarian regime in Peru in the 1990s, officially returned to the political arena with a few quick statements. A week earlier, after spending a few hours in the emergency area of ​​a local clinic due to dizziness and a drop in his blood pressure, he refrained from commenting on the situation, saying he was more focused on his health. . ” He joked in response to questions, “I’ve already forgotten (about politics).”

It has taken a few days for the head of the Fujimori clan to change his mind. In a brief interview given to the Willex television channel, he made statements on behalf of Fujimori and the Fuerza Popular Party, as the group’s spokesperson, as well as the opposition’s spokesperson. The thickest: He has confirmed the coalition with the executive and an agreement for Dina Boluat to end her mandate. Regarding the possibility of early elections, he said, “It is not appropriate.” The government of President Dina Bolwart will continue until 2026. At least Fuerza Popular and Fujimori have agreed on this.

The head of state, who took over the presidency after Pedro Castillo’s failed self-coup, has defended the release of Fujimori, who had not complied with his 25-year sentence for crimes against humanity, when it was determined It was said that he was the direct author. Barrios massacre. Altos and la cantuta. And they did so in violation of the express order of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. “We respect the rule of law and the institutions of democracy. “Within that legal framework, Mr. Fujimori’s release fits with respect for the autonomy of the country’s institutions,” justified the Constitutional Court decision last December.

With his nose probe and his oxygen cylinder, Alberto Fujimori established the position of the Fuerza Popular Party regarding the next electoral elections: they will strive for power again, although he did not confirm that his main letter would be his The daughter would be Keiko, who has been three times burnt bread on the oven door: in the last three elections she came in second place by a narrow margin. “It is too early to take a decision now, but we will do so at the appropriate time. What is being said is that Fujimorism will always exist because there is an audience,” he expressed with a smile.

At 85 years old and in poor health, as his comrades have reiterated on countless occasions, it is very unlikely that Alberto Fujimorismo will run for the presidency, but the fact that he has not ruled it out, at least There is a message. Regarding his son Kenji, a former congressman, being a real alternative to the Orange Party, he said succinctly: “He’s not thinking much about politics.”

On the other hand, the former dictator expressed his opinion about Vladimiro Montesinos, his closest advisor during his government, who last month pleaded guilty in the Pativilka case, where six civilians were killed for allegedly being terrorists in 1992. Was done. For political analysts, this act will have a direct impact on the liability of Fujimori, who is standing trial for the same case. “Well, everyone makes their mistakes, right? But he did his job. He worked in intelligence and did well. In the end the money made him go astray,” the former president said, calling Montesinos’s crimes mistakes while also absolving him of his own crimes.

Journalist Glatzer Tuesta believes there will be consequences for his statements. “Apart from the fact that they take him out of a clear ruling of the Inter-American Court, that it conflicts with access to justice, he goes out of his way to do politics in a way. He goes inside again. “I feel like that’s what’s going to happen.”

Finally, regarding his apology, which raised so much dust, he limited himself to saying that “it is completely justified and the Constitutional Court has properly supported it in all aspects.” Almost three months after his release, the man who ruled Peru in the nineties is back in the ring.

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