Mexico demands clarification from Tesla and insists it starts construction of its new factory as soon as possible

02/20/2024 12:55

Updated 02/20/2024 12:55

There are many questions that surround Mexico Gigafactory, Why has construction not started yet despite having all the necessary permissions?

Let’s remember, this plant was announced Elon MuskCEO of Tesla, last March 2023. In his statement he emphasized that its construction would begin “as soon as possible.” So much so that the land leveling machines started their work almost immediately. However, work at the site was stopped after a few days.

That holdup was related to the fact that the brand still needed new permits, although later, Ivan RivasNuevo Leon’s economy secretary said Tesla already had all the necessary papers to begin manufacturing. It also reached around 135 million dollars In encouragement to take it up.

Tesla is inexplicably delaying the construction of Giga Mexico.

What happens to Giga Mexico?

Now, after several months of waiting, the Mexican government itself is concerned about the situation and is asking for clarification from Tesla so that they can start manufacturing as soon as possible. Samuel GarciaThe Governor of Nuevo Leon recently spoke to the media millennium About this topic.

“Today I spoke… I’m going to say, with the management of Mexico. The electricity issue is ready, the water is there, the environment is there… Now they have asked for an extension of the environmental permit because it seems The plant is going to be bigger than they thought“he explained.

Apparently, the financial amount mentioned above ($135 million) has been spent directly on conditioning the environment, allowing Tesla to deploy electricity, water, and roads. It will already be fully available and all that remains is for the brand to give the green light to start working.

Tesla hopes Mexico will be one of the points where it will produce the Model 2.

Garcia said in his speech: “I told them that roads and access are already being built. I asked Tesla to come before March to start the work and they didn’t say no. So I hope they come soon, in less than a month. Now they are working on this project.

Everything indicates that Tesla has reduced its priority on the construction of Giga Mexico. One reason for this is that production of the next generation affordable electric vehicle, the new Tesla Model 2, will begin in Texas in late 2025. Therefore, they still have a large margin until the full operation of the Nuevo Leon plant. Specified..

Due to Model 2 production beginning in Texas, various rumors suggest that Tesla will not need a new production plant until manufacturing of the aforementioned model ramps up elsewhere. If these speculations turn out to be true then it is possible Construction will not start until 2025,

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