Bad reactions to Madame Web after the premiere

classified film madam web First reactions to the fourth installment in Sony’s World of Warcraft as an “embarrassing mess” Spider ManThis follows the premiere of the film, in which star Dakota Johnson plays the lead role of a woman who develops psychic abilities, in Los Angeles a few days earlier, and ahead of the work’s international release on February 14.

madam web

This film is based on a character Marvel Comics Sidney Sweeney also stars with Dakota in this film of the same name white lotusAlso Emma Roberts and Adam Scott.

Following its premiere, the film was panned, with one critic calling it a “clumsy mess” and “possibly the worst comic book I’ve ever seen”. The dialogues are terrible, the editing sucks.

Richard Netto, Editor in Chief… hollywood handleWriting equally scathingly: “madamweb “A terrible movie. I tried to enjoy it but unfortunately the poor execution didn’t help. The cast is really good but the performance was disappointing. Sony should stop making these films. ,

Another said: “Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to enjoy the success. ,madamweb “It’s a series of missed and wasted opportunities for no apparent reason.”

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