Alejandro Gil’s wife has also been detained and his daughter has not been contacted.

wife of Unholy Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil Fernandez, Cuban government accused of corruptionAccording to a family source, he has been detained and has not had contact with his daughter.

“Both my uncle Alejandro Miguel Gil Fernandez and his wife, Gina Maria Gonzalez Garcia They are under investigation by the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Cuba. “They are kept secretly outside their house at a place I don’t know,” he said. Daniel Alejandro Trujillo Gil To Marty NewsFrom the social media profile of his mother, Maria Victoria Gil, sister of the dismissed officer.

Trujillo Gil assured that his cousin Laura Maria Gil Gonzalez He is not in touch at home. Meanwhile his cousin Alejandro Arnaldo Gil Gonzalez He lives with his wife and 7-year-old son in their home in the Municipality of Marianao without any restrictions, as he has always been isolated.

Despite this he informed Thanksgiving post his mother wrote on this day after her trip to CubaShe is experiencing a high blood pressure crisis “due to unfair insults she received” on social networks.

“I love my country and I love my people. I am unable to benefit from the sacrifices of my fellow men. I love you very much and I will always be on the side of truth, honesty and justice. “Eternal embraces from the bottom of my heart,” Maria Victoria wrote on Facebook, thanking friends, acquaintances, followers and even the Cuban authorities for “not harassing her at any time.”

On March 7, The Cuban government reported opening an investigation file for “serious errors” in the Prosecutor’s Office Former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil Fernández.

In a note signed by Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuban leader and First Secretary of the Communist Party, “On the proposal of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party and the Council of State, they approved Gil, the competent body of the Ministry of the Interior. Will initiate action to seek full clarification of the conduct held responsible, which he listed as “corruption, embezzlement and insensitivity”.

From that moment on, without any new official information from the Havana regime, a mass of speculation has opened about the future of the former Cuban government official.

Journalist Mario J. penton In a video, it was said that he spoke to a source close to the investigation, who assured him that Gill’s family learned about his arrest on national television,

“People very close to the investigation, who chose to speak on condition of anonymity, assured us that his house was raided and they took him to talk, no one knows whether Villa Marista or “The regime in a safe house of Cuban intelligence.” he adds.

Recently it has come to light Fernando Javier Alban, owner of Agroindustrial Media Luna, a successful company in Ciego de Ávila that produces fruit juices and other products under the Tuba brand, was detained by Cuban authorities. For alleged investigation into his links with the sacked Economy and Planning Minister.

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