Alex Verdugo reveals problems with Quora in Boston

gardener alex verdugo This was one of the exits boston red sox During this low season. the left handed man came new York Yankees Through a trade that included three pitchers: Richard Fitts, Nicholas Giudice and Greg Weisert.

Alex Verdugo came to the Boston Red Sox as a great signing, in a trade that sent the star mookie bets To los angeles dodgers In 2020. However, since then he has been a good hitter and good fielder. He was a finalist last year also gold glove Of the American League.

Apart from contractual issues such as his substantial salary increase for 2024, there may have been another background to his departure alex verdugo From Boston. This February 22, the player talked about some of his problems with a key figure in the team: Alex Cora,

Alex Verdugo talks about his relationship with Alex Cora

Much has come to light about the uneasy relationship between the Boston manager, Alex Cora and former red-legged player, Alex Verdugo. Last December, the outfielder talked about his former coach during an interview and dropped a few clues. “I am very excited to work together.” Aaron Boone, I have seen how he supports his players. This is something I want to see from my head coach. “I want to see some fire, some fighting for the boys.”, express In an exchange published by Alex Verdugo talking yanks,

Well on this 22nd February, alex verdugo He spoke again about his problems with Cora in Boston. According to the player’s words, this was one of the reasons why he felt it was appropriate to leave. red Sox as soon as possible. “In a way, Alex Cora was hard on me. But I have no resentment towards him. That’s one of the things that led me toward the end, we went off the road a little bit.”Acknowledged player of Mexican origin.

Whereas, on 19 February Alex Cora Gave an interview to journalist Fernando Rayo where he talked about the departure of both chris sale like alex verdugo, “They are two very good players. Alex is a complete player, we wish him well in New York, except when he plays against us. But I think we got more pitching depth, especially with the three pitchers we took from New York.”, express Cora.

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